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YFA 2063



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This is a compilation of films made by David Harrison, a Hull fish merchant, featuring St Andrew’s Fish Docks, his family, and some local Hull scenes.  The film gives a unique look at the fishing industry in Hull during this time period and the sense of camaraderie among the workers.   

The film opens with Harrison’s son, David, washing out a barrel (a kit), along with others preparing the fish and packing them in barrels and boxes.  One man shovels ice into the wooden boxes which are carted off on trolleys by two boys.  Fishing ships are moored in the docks. 

The next scene features motorcycle racing on a grass field, followed by an airplane coming in to land.  There is a car race and motorcycle sidecar racing around the same circuit (possibly Hedon airfield.)  Then back to the fish docks where the kits and fish are being cleaned.  Boxes are stacked at the warehouse.  On the dockside, the workmen unload fish from the boats, and the kits can be seen in long rows ready for auctioning.  Several men walk over the barrels selecting the ones they want to buy.  Outside lorries and horse drawn carts are loaded with kits to leave the dock. 

In the Harrison’s garden, two small boys are playing, one of whom is on a tricycle.  A woman prepares food in the kitchen.  One of the boys is then shown in what seems to be a different back garden. 

Back at the docks a ship is being loaded with ice, and fish are unloaded from kits into a building.  Several boats are moored at the docks while the tide is out.  A boy and man look at a model of Hull centre, possibly in a City Council building showing the plans for the redevelopment of the city centre.  They cross the road and walk past a petrol garage. 

The next portion of the film shows a woman ironing in her kitchen, before switching to some boys, including Dave Harrison, playing football on open ground next to a housing estate under construction.  A man is trying to fly a kite.  

Back at the docks a crane loads two large metal containers onto a boat, and a ship is undergoing repairs, including replacing rivets, in a dry dock.  The whole area can be seen with a train of wagons waiting to be loaded. 

The film ends with a small boy (Dave Harrison) riding a pedal car and then a scooter down a garden path towards the camera.