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YFA 2064



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This is a compilation of films made by David Harrison, a Hull fish merchant. The film includes footage of a family holiday to Blackpool as well as footage taken of his family, friends, and neighbours at his home in and around Hessle.

The film opens with a boy on a donkey ride in Blackpool. The rollercoaster can be seen in the background. This is followed by footage of the roller coaster cart, fair games, and the famous Blackpool Tower. Mrs. Harrison and her son then go to look at airplanes which are on display before there is a shot of the beach and the long-reaching pier.

A man and boy are working in the back garden, digging soil and sawing logs in preparation for their Guy Fawkes bonfire. The little boy then poses with a Guy which is at the top of a bonfire set up for the evening. The Guy is wearing a sign which reads, "Spare 1d for the Guy." Another boy climbs up the bonfire and hits the Guy. The boys then run around playing in the back alley before there are scenes taken at the children's school. There is an exterior shot of the school building followed by brief scenes of some of the children out on the school yard.

Back at home, a woman is cooking near a stove. There is a brief shot of a man in a birdhouse tending to some of the birds, and two men are working in the garden. A boy runs towards the camera. He is dressed in a cowboy costume.

A woman passes by on a bicycle, and an older couple tend to the garden. Another neighbour can be seen checking whether or not her laundry is dry. Many of the people featured laugh or smile for the camera.

Back at Blackpool, there is a brief shot of a small boat out at sea. This is followed by shots of the Blackpool Tower, fairground rides, and other seaside attractions. A boy plays at one of the games, throwing balls trying to knock over blocks. He then goes on a Ferris wheel.

The next portion of the film features a school sports day. Many of the children take part in a variety of races which are filmed from both the finish line as well as the side lines. Races include a sack race, three-legged, wheelbarrow, and relay. The teachers then take part, the women running first, followed by the men. Spectators are gathered at the side lines to watch the events.

A football match is underway: Hull City v Manchester United. The match took place at Boothferry Park in front of Hull City's highest ever attendance of 55,019 in the FA Cup Sixth Round, on 26th February 1949. The goalkeeper makes many saves, and the film is taken from ground level, very close to the field. The packed stands can be seen in the background.

The final section of the film is taken at the family home. Three girls play in the garden. They first throw a ball around to each other before they dance about for the camera. Their mothers stand close by and look on. Other little girls are inside and smile for the camera. A man walks down the path through the middle of the garden. He pulls up the ends of his trousers in a comedic manner as he does so. One of the women is cooking. She puts down the mixing bowl and does a little dance for the camera. The film ends with three girls who smile, posing for the camera.