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YFA 4692



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This film is part of the West Yorkshire Archive Service collection and contains a BBC Look North interview with 1920s silent film star, Harold Lloyd.

The interview begins with Harold Lloyd talking about the stunts that he did for one of his films, `Safety Last'. He says that he really was up high above the ground, but that he had positioned several platforms with mattresses, some way below.

The interviewer asks him if he ever used stuntmen and also if he thinks that films today lack realism? Harold says they never had the money for stuntmen so he did all of the stunts himself. He continues on to say that he thinks modern films can create very real effects, mostly because of the new processes and equipment. He says that you wouldn't be able to get actors to do the same type of stunts nowadays, as the film companies wouldn't allow it and the actors wouldn't want to do it.

There are pieces of footage from the film between each question.

Finally the interviewer asks Harold if he ever got a bad injury from making one of his films. Harold says that he only ever had a minor injury. He says that he was under a fire engine and was holding onto the hose, which was meant to be securely fastened but wasn't. It came loose, hit him on his head and he rolled out from under the fire engine and along the footpath. He says that he was knocked out briefly but was fine apart from that.

LN no 649 Original Transmission 28/08/1970