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This film documents the royal wedding of the Earl of Harewood to Miss Marion Stein, with prominent wedding guests including the King and Queen, Princess Margaret, Prince Phillip and Princess Elizabeth. The BBC recorded this event with several cameras, and this reel contains the most intimate footage of guests arriving at the church. There is also a short exert of the couples honeymoon in Venice.

Title - Pathe News.

Title - A royal wedding.

The opening shot of this film shows an exterior shot of St. James's palace. A black Rolls Royce carrying the Earl of Harewood (the King's nephew) drives past the camera, and there is a brief glimpse of the large crowd which have gathered along the pavement. More cars drive past, and there are shots of policemen keeping an eye on the crowd. Throughout this section the voiceover gives a jovial running commentary.

A close up of a street sign reads 'Melbury road, W.14. Leading to Oakwood Court,' and the voiceover states that this street is located in Kensington, London. The bride's mother exits a house and is wearing a purple silk dress, and as she walks to the car, a large group of photographers wait to take her picture. The bride (Miss Stein), dressed in a magnificent white dress, then leaves the house and enters a car with her train being held up by another woman; again many photographers take pictures of her. The crowds, numbering almost two thousand, then wave and cheer as her car sets off for the church.

Now at the church entrance, the filmmaker captures close up shots of guests arriving and entering the church; first to arrive are Princess Elizabeth and Prince Phillip, then the bride's mother who is quickly followed by the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester. According to the voiceover, a hundred policemen have been mobilised to hold back the crowd, and there is a shot of the policeman in a line with a little girl sitting at their feet.

The Earl of Harewood and his brother Gerald (the best man) walk up the church steps. The Princess Royal exits a car followed by the bridesmaids, who each wear glamorous white gowns. Next, the filmmaker captures the King, Queen and Princess Margaret as they exit their car. The bride's car arrives, and the bride gets out of the car with help from two women who carry her train as she follows her father into the church.

Various shots show the large crowds gathered outside, who are predominantly made up of women; they wait along the pavement some sitting, with others standing. The bride and groom, now the Earl and Countess of Harewood, then exit the church, and the filmmaker pays close attention to the bride's dress. The voiceover states that this is more than a royal wedding: it is a people's wedding. The newlyweds then enter the car and drive off past the waving crowds. Next, the bridesmaids and the pageboys pose for a picture before entering a car. The King and Queen exit, shaking the vicars hand before leaving.

The convoy of cars are then captures as they return to the St. James's palace and a huge crowd has turned up to wave them inside, and voiceover states the guest are heading for a nine hundred guest reception. Then there is a brief portrait of the two newlyweds' mothers who pose for the camera smiling. A man then ties a piece of white ribbon round the Rolls Royce emblem on the front of the car. The bride and groom then emerge from a house amongst a shower of confetti, and they head through the crowd to their car. A wedding shoe is tied to back of car as they drive back past the crowds.

At an airfield, there is a shot of a large propeller passenger plane, known as the BEA Viking, which is sat stationary. A car pulls up by the plane and the Bride and groom in traditional formal wear get out. The filmmaker captures good close ups of the pair as they are surrounded by well-wishers and policemen. Baggage is the captured being loaded onto the place. The bride and groom then stand in the planes doorway, posing for a tremendous group of photographers.

Title - Earl takes his countess to Venice.

In Venice night shots capture the bride and groom being lead into a car and driving away from many photographers. There is then an expansive view of Venice, and shots of the couple enjoying a gondola ride along the canals.

Title - The end.