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YFA 325



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This is a film by Charles Chislett of a family motor trip through Norway. The film has detailed intertitles throughout. The filmmaker's wife (Grace) and two children (Rachel and John) are featured in the film.

The film starts at Tyne Commission Quay, Newcastle, where cargo is being loaded onto a ship, Venus, followed by Grace, Rachel and John boarding for departure.

Intertitle - The sea-mist on the Tyne thickens as sailing time draws near.

Boats leave the docks in the mist and the walkway is pulled up. Tugs pull the ship out as Grace, Rachel and John look out as they pass the pier and lighthouse. Passengers chat on the decks.

Intertitle - Morning brings sunshine and blue seas.

Some passengers lounge on the deck, whilst others wave to all as they journey along the coast.

Intertitle - The 'Venus' threads her way through the outlying islands towards Bergen.

As they come into dock a man stands waiting on the quayside.

Intertitle - After breakfast next morning we explore Bergen before starting for Norheimsund and the Kvandal ferry .

They come out of their hotel and look at the attractions. Grace buys flowers, and they visit a fish market. There is film of some of the architecture and the town from high up.

Intertitle - Bergen to Norheimsund.

On the journey they see lakes and mountains, and Rachel and John throw stones from a bridge and climb rocks. They have a picnic by a river. Women stack cut grass onto wooden fences for drying. There is a sign for 'Sanoven Turisthotel'. They take a boat trip along a lake.

Intertitle - Norheimsund to Kvandal.

They film some of the journey, including Rachel and John on a made up see-saw. They take a ferry.

Intertitle - The ferry from Kvandal eventually arrives at Kinsarvik.

The ferry pulls in, with waiting buses, and the cars disembark. Rachel and John pet some ponies.

Intertitle - From Kinsarvik to Eidfor the road follows the curve of the shore beneath high mountains.

A bus drives along the long winding road, and John and Rachel walk along carrying a stick between them from which hangs a circular object.

Intertitle - The Voringfoss thunders down 600 feet into a seething cauldron shrouded in spray and swept by eddying winds.

They look down onto a big waterfall, with a building high above.

Intertitle - Fossli Hotel, high above the fall, overlooks the dramatic beauty of the Mabodal Valley.

A large group of people look at the spectacular views that can be seen from the hotel.

Intertitle - We explore.

Rachel and John clamber among the rocks and some local children show them a puppy.

Intertitle - The story of the ascent of 'The Little Ice Mountain' Foro Fossli.

Rachel and John climb out of their bedroom window and head off for a hike, before later playing by a lake.

Intertitle - Ptarmigan whirr up from the grass at our feet.

They walk across fields with birds, Ptarmigan, and jumping insects.

Intertitle - The view from the top is not to be forgotten.

At the top of the mountain John and Rachel make a pile of stones and they all admire the view.

Intertitle - Next morning we follow the river.

Rachel meets two local girls in traditional dress near a roaring river, and then holds a kitten which plays with a puppy.

Intertitle - The evening light touches the Voringfoss with a new beauty.

The family look down at the waterfall and mountain river.

Intertitle - International 'French' cricket.

Some local children have a game with a bat and ball with Rachel and John joining in.

Intertitle - Next morning we travel besides the fjord towards Kinsarvik again and Utne .

They take a red and white bus for a journey along the mountainous coast, and then a ferry trip.

Intertitle - To arrive at Utne on a sunny morning is a delight.

Visitors walk along the small dock at the village as boats arrive.

Intertitle - We explored the paths between the orchards which surround the farms.

They visit a farm, take a boat ride, and Rachel swims in the sea as Grace paddles a boat. They then take the ferry back, with people waving them off.

Intertitle - Next morning we return to Kinsarvik on the ferry en route for Odda.

People are waiting to board the ferry, the 'Vikingen'.

Intertitle - As the road climbs the valley the sun catches the spray from a score of glorious falls.

A woman is working in a field with goats, and several spectacular waterfalls in the background. They journey some more along mountain roads.

Intertitle - On the way home we see something of a wedding at Lofthus.

They observe a wedding outside a church with women in traditional dress. A fiddler leads the wedding parade.

Intertitle - The evening light is in the sky before we reach Utne.

A boat makes its way across a lake, with John following in a rowing boat, and children sat on some logs.

Intertitle - Next Morning we travel by ferry, road, steamer and motorboat to Godosund.

They are waved off as they depart on a ferry, and then film a bus crossing a suspension bridge. They continue their journey on their ferry, the Kinsarvik, stopping along the way to pick up passengers.

Intertitle - After the sunset has died behind the black velvet silhouette of the islands a pale yellow radiance still lingers in the waters.

The sunset going down over the hills is filmed from the ferry.

Intertitle - Next morning there's sunshine in the air and after breakfast we set off on a voyage of discovery.

The family breakfast at their hotel and then Rachel and John go off in a rowing boat.

Intertitle - The following morning the drama of the dawn only lasted ten minutes and later it was a day of showers and macs.

Again Rachel and John go out in a rowing boat and then swimming.

Intertitle - The hotel motor boat usually goes out festooned with children.

They take a trip on a motor boat, joined by some other children.

Intertitle - Eventually we are well and truly tied up.

As the boat comes in to shore a boy jumps off with a rope to tie it up.

Intertitle - It was one of those evenings when mountains, forests and waterways glow in a rich golden light and you wish that time could stand still.

More of the landscape with water and mountains is filmed in the evening light. The film finishes showing the Norwegian flag flying.

The End

(For more extensive shot list and cross reference material see corresponding file 325)