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YFA 1543



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This film documents a trip from London to Liverpool by boat and features trips to several beaches including Chromer and Bacton sands.

Title - Happy holidays 1934.

Title - Round the coast from London to Liverpool on the southern coast 2500 tons. June 1933.

The film opens with a shot of a passenger steam ship taken from a distance.

Title - Down the River Thames.

The boat is docked quayside somewhere along the Thames in London, and the filmmaker captures several shots of the ship's deck, where crew members are waiting to cast off. There are various shot of the industry and boats that run along the river Thames, as the boat begins its voyage to Liverpool. The next sequence shows a segment of the trip to Plymouth; the filmmaker captures passengers venturing along the deck and other ships that are out at sea.

Title - Plymouth.

A sweeping panoramic view shows the coast of the Plymouth, which has cliffs and lighthouses dotted around intermittently. Docked at Plymouth, cargo is hoisted from the hold and lifted onto the dock, where workman guide the crates down. The ship sets sail once again, and the following shot shows a man wearing a bow tie and flat cap ensemble strolling along the ship's deck.

Title - Liverpool.

A brief glimpse of the docks at Liverpool is shown, before the filmmaker pans across the ship to show the winching mechanisms.

Title - Back to work.

Title - An east coast fortnight. Sept 1934.

The only shot in this sequence shows a car parked.

Title - The first week was spent at Chromer.

A car travels down a country road. The filmmaker then captures a panoramic view of Chromer. A couple walk along a road with a little dog. There are then many shots of the beach; the couple relax in deck chairs, their dog plays in the sand with another dog, a man in a smart suit strides along the sand, and then a man rides a horse in the shallow sea. The sequence closes with another panoramic shot of Chromer.

Title - Close to Chromer are Bacton Sands.

Another beach sequence; the filmmakers companions relax in deck chairs, paddle in the sea and play with the little dog.

Title - The second week found us at Lowestoft.

Title - Where we had some fun on the electric boats.

This segment features various shots of people driving miniature boats round a small water course. The boats are powered in a similar way to bumper cars, as they are powered by overhead electric wires.

Title - Tea time boiling the kettle.

On the beach the filmmaker's companions have a silver kettle which they use to pour tea.

Title - Lowestoft fishing harbour is very interesting.

There are various expansive views of Lowestoft harbour and several shots of boats which ferry in and out.

Title - But holidays all end sometime.

The final shot of this film shows a car pulling out of a drive.