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NEFA 21597



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A home movie made by Victor Sidney Carman begins showing various scenes around Jesmond Dene in Newcastle in the snow and East Anglia in the rain. From a speeding train returning to the region views of York as well as Durham before crossing the river Tyne into Newcastle. Family scenes on the beach at Whitley Bay are followed by what is believed to be South Shields where the Festival of Britain Guinness Festival Clock is filmed in action.

The film begins on wintry scenes in a park believed to be Jesmond Dene Park in Newcastle. The film changes to a woman putting out her washing on a washing line. Views of budgerigars in cages.

A title card placed in the window of a house besides a number of daffodils in pots reads ‘A Happy Easter’. A woman tends to the flowers.

The woman and a small boy walk along a road past a row of houses. The film cuts to show three well-dressed girls sitting together on the steps of a house posing for the camera. A view follows of a budgerigar in a cage.

The film changes to show a number of army vehicles driving down a country lane followed by a number of cows walking into a field. In the rain a Lowestoft Corporation Transport bus halts at a bus stop. The film changes to views of the Norfolk Boards from a train. General views follow of Great Yarmouth seafront in the rain followed by views around Norwich.

General views follow of wildfowl in a field followed by other caged birds. General views show a large house and windmill with only two blades.

A woman walks up a set of steps into a building as a train passes by. On the platform porters, unload goods from a train. A steam train pulls out of the station.  Views follow of a man inside a signal box as well as trains passing by outside.

General views show swans and other wildfowl on a pond. The film cuts to a large aircraft flying overhead.  A group of people look around the ruin of a castle as other aircraft fly overhead.

A train comes into a railway station and views of passengers on platform show a number of soldiers carrying their duffle bags over their shoulders. From a train views follow of countryside and urban areas. There are views of York minster and Durham Cathedral as the train passes. The sequence ends with the train approaching the Tyne Bridge into Newcastle.

On a terraced street a man gets into a van and drives away. A number of double decker buses travel along the road followed by a view of two men working at the top of a telegraph pole.

General views show a snowy back alley. In the snow, children walk through the playground of a modern school believed to be Ravenswood Primary School in Newcastle.

Three potted plants sit on a windowsill.

A man climbs into a powerboat. The boat is filmed pulling away and returning. Along the Whitley Bay promenade, a man sells tickets to people sitting in deck chairs. [Over exposed] Children sit watching a Punch and Judy show. General views of Whitley Bay promenade.

A couple walk down a gangplank off a boat. General views follow on board as well as views of other boats in a marina. A miniature train travels around a circular track. The film cuts to show the Guinness Festival Clock in operation, possibly at South Shields. In the street a man polishes another man’s shoes.

The film ends with a man delivering milk from a van at Thetford, Norfolk.