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YFA 1486



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This is an animated film with a voice over telling the tale of Hansel & Gretel.

Title: 'Leeds Ladies' Group presents Hansel & Gretel, a story written and told by Doreen Wood'

Using a doll's house and dolls, the film begins in the house where Hansel & Gretel are living. Hansel & Gretel dance along to the song 'Brother Come and Dance with Me' from the opera Hansel & Gretel by Engelbert Humperdinck. Mother arrives home and tells them off for their tomfoolery, each blaming the other, and orders them to the wood to gather food for tea. Father arrives home with bread and asks after the children, and they go off to get them as the father warns of the wicked witch in the wood.

Meantime the children make their way through the wood, spied upon by various animals. They wander deeper into the wood, getting lost, and Hansel becomes scared. They are approached by an angelic looking woman who sprays sand into their eyes to make them sleep and says that a guardian angel will watch over them. Birds drop leaves on them to hide them and a spider spins a web to protect them. The next morning the children come upon a house made of gingerbread and other goodies to eat. As they eat the witch appears. She orders them into the house and puts Hansel into a cage, and, laughing wickedly, orders Gretel to tidy the room. When the large oven is ready the witch goes to show Gretel how to use it but Gretel pushes her inside and slams the door on the screaming witch. Hansel escapes from his cage and the house disappears to be replaced by lots of boys and girls who have returned from being gingerbread. A casket of gold is left behind for them to share. The children's parents arrive, and they return home rich.

End credit: design and animation by Doris Lythe, assisted by Janice Farish, Doreen Wood, Mary Steeles, Joan Payne, Doreen Borthwick. Edited and produced by Doris and Doreen.