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The National Coal Board (NCB) Film Unit is one of Britain's most substantial and long-lasting industrial film units. The following is an informative film about safety procedures when using Hand Haulage.

Title - Hand Haulage
Title - Comprising first lessons in tramming, lockering, re-railing, and uncoupling.

Starting with tramming, the Foreman demonstrates to the new miners how to check a tram in a pit before using it. He goes through each procedure. A few of the miners then take turns trying out these procedures, and it is also explained what could happen if these rules are not followed.

Title - Pushing A Tub
A. Look where you are going
B. Keep your back straight
C. Use the hand-holds
D. Don't stand in front of tubs.

The miners then move onto explaining ring lockers, and identifying the different types of lockers which need to be used and there importance. Explaining the safety features that need to be used, it is demonstrated what could happen if lockering goes wrong like the de- railing of a tram, or getting the hand caught in the wheel.

Title - Lockering
A. Keep your thumb to the side
B. Stand clear, facing traffic
C. Follow the wheel around

Next is a demonstration of re-railing, highlighting miners should lift with their legs. A comparison is made to a professional weightlifter.

Title - Re-Railing
A. Find the cause of the trouble
B. Look out for damage
C. Always lift tubs correctly
D. Clear up after you

Lastly, the miner shows how the uncoupling of tubs should be done. He stands clear while watching the traffic, and most importantly emphasises that a person should never get between the tubs. Showing what could go wrong, a boy gets his leg caught between the tubs and severely injured.

Title - Uncoupling
A. Use an uncoupling gook
B. Stand clear and watch traffic
C. Don't get between tubs

Title - Directed by Alun Falconer
Photographed by Lionel Griffiths
NCB Technical Film Unit
Title - The End