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YFA 5753



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This is a film of the wedding of David Hancock and Einifred Fox which took place in Huddersfield.  It includes footage of the guests and wedding party arriving at the chuch as well as the reception which followed.  

Title -  Marriage of Mr. David C. Hancock, B.A. to Miss Winifred M. Fox by Rev. Simon W. Philipps M.C.,B.A. at the Parish Church, Huddersfield, 4th. April 1953

(Col.)  Many guests arrive at the chuch.  They walk along the pavement towards the cameraman.  Two bridesmides arrive and pose for the camera.  They are followed by the bride and her father who arrive in a black car.  They too pose for the camera.   

(B&W)  After the service the newlyweds pose for photographs outside the church.  hey are then joined by other members of the families who shower the couple with confetti as they make thier way to the car.  

At the reception the newlyweds greet the guests in a recieving line, and then they all sit to eat.  The filmmaker goes around to show all the guests who are in good spirits and many of whom smile for the camera.  The newlyweds cut the wedding cake, and a man reads out letters to the couple.  The film closes with speeches from each of the fathers, the best man, and the groom.