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YFA 2164



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Made by Eric Hall, this film is a compilation of events which took place between 1930 and 1952. The film includes footage of the Bingley Church Choir trip, the Bradford and District Motor Club hill climb, West Yorkshire football matches, and a bowls match at the Bingley Club.

The film begins with the Bingley Church Choir trip. It is an all-male outing, and a group of men are standing in the road talking to traffic police, with a theatre behind, and near a car and Hardings shop in the background. The town centre is bustling with cars and horse and carts. Elsewhere people are sat around an ornamental pond. Looking down on a street, there are Tudor houses and a tram, and then some film of a river.

The film switches to the start of a motorbike race. There are a number of motorbikes held by men in suits and hats. The race starts, and the riders run to their bikes and the race begins. The race is over open fields, passing through gaps in the dry stone walls, with spectators watching. After going over moorland, the bikes race along a path and around a bend with large sand bags for protection. Number 33 has a problem with his bike, and a group gathers around trying to fix it. They race along a dusty road. Another bike has to retire with problems.

Then there is the start of another race as the flag goes up and the riders race pushing their bikes and jump on, in a cloud of dust and smoke. Spectators are sat in a stand. This is followed by a an event in a field, with a crowd watching, which includes a motorcycle slalom, followed by an obstacle course in which riders have to eat an apple from a string attached to a bucket of water without spilling the water on themselves. Then there is another race, with more crowds lining the route. None of the riders wear helmets. They make their way up rough mountain roads. We see the start of the race, with someone else filming it, and there is a sign for 'Leeds Club'. Next people look around the bikes and cars at a check point. Each biker is waved off in turn, and a note is made of the time. A family stand around their car. Cars are racing along the same route as the bikes. Mary Hall writes in a note pad, wearing a cloche hat and 1930s suit, as a boy comes around the bend on a bicycle giving a crossbar to a younger boy. The bikes make their way around a tight bend climbing upwards. The motorbikes are cars pass through a Yorkshire village, with some stopping.

The film switches to men playing a game of bowls at the Bingley Club. Spectators sit on park benches at the side of the green.

Intertitle - Assoc. Football

Two teams run on to the field from the corner of the ground, possibly Bradford City. The match is filmed from ground level and close to the pitch capturing the action of the game. Crowds fill the stands at the stadium, and there is a church spire in the background. The teams have almost identical 'colours' (dark striped tops and white shorts). Around the ground there are advertising boards for the Yorkshire Observer and Harry Emmott and Partners Ltd..

This is followed by another match, possibly at Valley Parade. Again the two teams come onto the field from the corner flag position. It is filmed near to where they come out behind the goal, up in the stand. The first team is in white, with striped socks and a stripe down the side of their shorts. The second team have white shorts and a dark top with a lighter patch around the shoulders. The match is then filmed from the side stand, with the opposite stand being very low with advertising boards for 'Hey's Sparkling Ales' and 'Kurem Ointment'. Behind the stand there is a hill and a tall chimney. One woman, just in front of the camera, enthusiastically cheers on her team.

Intertitle - Greyhound Racing

The dogs are led onto the track, put in their traps and race around the stadium, possibly Greatfield Stadium, which has many factory chimneys in the background.

Intertitle - Circuit Racing and Knock Out Hill Climb at Post Hill

There is a poster advertising the event for Sunday July 13th, 1952 Bradford and District Motor Club, President C.H. Wood. Motorbikes race up a steep hill with a large crowd at the top watching. They seem to be racing in pairs along a dirt track with spectators on either side and past a finishing flag. One of the riders, wearing number 8, chats to a man with a boy admiring his bike.

Intertitle - A Spectator's 30 years old Triumph 'Ricardo'

A man stands behind his gleaming vintage bike (reg HH 3260), shown from various angles. The film ends with more film of the motorcycle race the same circuit.