Film ID:
YFA 5167



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This is the second part of a film of when Princess Mary and Viscount Lascelles visit Halifax.  It’s an excerpt from the same footage as ‘Princess Mary visits Halifax’ (1925), without the intertitles.

A car procession makes its way along a street lined with crowds and Union Jack bunting.  The procession goes past the shop of Waltham Murgatroyd and Horstals, and after it passes, the crowd disperses.  The film switches to an empty hospital ward with a bed and cot, being tidied by a nurse.  There is a sign for The Linford Moore Kitchenman ward, 1924.  The outside of the hospital is shown, and inside children in caged beds.  The outside of the Royal Halifax Hospital is shown, followed by a large gathering of police for a photo-shoot.  Then dignitaries coming out of the Town Hall  – see ‘Princess Mary visits Halifax’.