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YFA 5166



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This is the first part of a film of Princess Mary and Viscount Lascelles visiting Halifax, an excerpt from the same footage as ‘Princess Mary visits Halifax’ (1925), without the intertitles.

The visit begins with Alderman Herbert Turner on the steps of the Town Hall.  Then there is a parade, led by a Salvation Army Band, and followed by marching police.  The parade makes its way along a street and past the Mayor.  At the rear are police on horseback.  Princess Mary is helped out of a car and greeted by an army officer and the Mayor.  Some officers inspect troops.  A street in front of the clock tower is covered in bunting, and crowds line the pavements.  There is a parade led by boy scouts.  Two bishops enter a building, and other dignitaries arrive.  Finally, the Princess goes around the wards of a hospital and leaves.