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YFA 2913



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This film documents the victory day parades in Halifax city centre as well as the Thanksgiving Sunday victory procession.

The film opens with a view of the city centre of Halifax and the crowded streets in front of Sutcliffe's Hairdressers which are completely filled with people.

Title card - The regular army, Home Guard, Old Comrades Association, and the Army cadets arrive for the ceremony.

The uniformed officers begin to march through, while city officials and leaders are situated near the back of a stage and podium. Other members are seated on the stage awaiting the parade. There are a few children and a cameraman who watch the proceedings from a balcony which is decorated with flags and other patriotic ornaments. The stage is situated near the Plummet Line Hotel, the Milk Bar, and The Green House. Filling the area in front of the stage are all the members of the different groups of uniformed servicemen. There is also a band playing for the day's events.

Title card - The Mayoral party Arrive - Mayor and Mayoress, Colonel CJ Pickering, Duke of Wellington, Town Clerk, TNF Wilson, Colonel JC Kemp, Colonel JM Gornall, MG R Smith

The mayoral party arrives in cars in a small place made clear in the middle of the crowd and are directed by policemen standing by.

Title card - General Salute

The General salutes the army situated in the front of the podium, and there are various speeches made by members of the mayoral party.

The following title cards appear and are then followed by the actions which they describe:
Title card - Town Clerk reads the Deed of Grant
Title card - Presentation by the Mayor
Title card - Colonel Pickering expresses the appreciation of the Dukes

The armies, displaying flags, stand at attention with their guns during these proceedings, and at the end of the speeches, the band begins to play under direction of the band conductor.

Title card - The parade under the command of Lieutenant Colonel CRT Cumberlege

The armies exit and some of the crowd begins to disperse.

Title card - Colonel Pickering, the Mayor, and Duke of Wellington at Saluting Base
Both the Mayor and Mayoress climb the saluting post.

Title card - Two views of the march past Headed by the 1st Battalion Dukes Band

The band marches through the area cleared in the street by the saluting post. There is a crowd of townspeople lined on either side.
Next the parade marches past the Halifax Parish Church in the centre of town.

Title card - The Vicar of Halifax Canon RE James receives the illuminated address for safe keeping

The vicar is standing in the front of the church in the threshold with alter boys and other members of the church standing behind him.

Title card - Colonel Pickering supported by Maj Gen WM Ozanne Maj J Lepper Maj R Smith hands over address

After the address is handed over, the generals march away from the church while other members of the mayoral party and city leaders can be seen shaking hands with the Vicar and church group, and the crowd begins to disperse.

In a park area, there is a fair taking place for further celebrations. A man takes a young girl on a horse ride, and there are other rides and games including a merry-go-round and a puppet show. There are lots of families present at this event, and large groups of people of all ages. This portion of the film then ends with and end title.

The next portion of the film begins with a large building in town (possibly part of the church or the city hall) covered with patriotic decorations. There is confetti poring down from the sky, and an army band plays for a large crowd. From a balcony, the mayor gives a speech to the crowd, and everyone begins to sing. The crowd then disperses while the band plays on, and nearby are two stuffed dolls, one a possible effigy of Hitler.

In the middle of a heavily decorated neighbourhood street, many children collect material and start to build a bonfire.

It is then back to the city centre with the band, and there are many close up shots of the crowd featuring people of all ages.

Afterwards there is a return to the park with many of the same festivities as early in the film. In addition, there are donkey rides, children playing in a sand box and on a slide and swings, as well as in the stream. At nightfall, the large bonfire is lit as a large crowd stands around watching. Other night lights present include signs near the Odeon cinema.

The final portion of the film opens with a title card - Thanksgiving Sunday - Victory procession to the Halifax Parish Church

The armed forces process towards the church with the streets lined with townspeople. The procession includes a band, children, men and women of the armed forces, and vets who march through town, pass through the gates and into the church, and then leave the same way they came.