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This is a film which documents a number of events in the Halifax area during 1987 including a visit by the Prince of Wales, the bus station building, a protest, and medieval jousting.

Title - Halifax Cine and Video Club Presents
Scrapbook 87
Sign - Union St. South

The street is roped off for road work and there are two children by the safety tape. Construction workers and vehicles are around the site as well as a smashed up red van which has been pulled off to one side.

The next portion of the film begins with a city street lined on either side with crowds of people with policemen overseeing the event. Many children have turned out and are waving Union Jack flags. A number of official government-looking cars pull up to a building. Prince Charles gets out of one of the cars and enters the building. The proceedings then move to the Piece Hall where there are more people of Halifax waiting to greet him. The Prince shakes members of the crowd's hands over top of the barriers which are holding them back.

Sign - The Site for the New Halifax Bus Station - Danger Deep Excavations

The site is under construction and can be seen with various construction vehicles and materials.

Next, out in the city streets, there are many groups of people dressed in blue and white striped clothing in honour of the upcoming Rugby League Football Club match. Inside the stadium the cheering crowds fill the stands. A marching band plays on the field to start the proceedings and the game begins. After the game, a bus rides through the crowded streets of Halifax while the people cheer on the players.

Sign - Date Centre Complex for Halifax Building Society

At the building site there are many construction vehicles and materials.

Title - Halifax Borough Market Tenants Association Limited We Say NO! To 144% Rent Increase

A parade of protest makes its way through the streets, part of which consists of a coffin being pulled in a glass-encased wagon. There are also many protesters who follow with signs against increases in rent.

Sign - WHSmith Do It All DIY Superstore - Coming Soon!

The construction of this WHSmith superstore is documented consisting of different construction vehicles and materials.

The next event in the scrapbook is a Jousting Tournament. Re-enactors dressed in medieval costume compete in different competitions including the joust and sword fighting.

Then, at Elmwood Garage, busses are coming out of the garage. They are old time double-decker busses which go around the town of Halifax.

Title - The End

[Additional Information: Halifax Rugby League Club was formed in 1873. After becoming the first ever winners of the Yorkshire Cup in 1878, Halifax went on to win on four other occasions. The club moved into their previous home of Thrum Hall in 1886 where they remained for the next 112 years. In 1998 they moved into the re-developed Shay Stadium which they share with the Halifax Football Team. Halifax was a founding member of the Rugby League in 1895, and in 1902-3 they won the Challenge Cup and finished top in Division One. Additionally, they were the first ever Championship Play-off winners in 1906-7. When the Challenge Cup Final was taken to Wembley in 1929, Halifax became one of the first teams to win beating York in the 1931 final. They have since been to Wembley six more times, winning in 1939 and 1987. Their last appearance there was in 1998 when they lost to Wigan.]