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This is a film which documents a number of events in the Halifax area during 1986 including skiing at the Skye Slope, rugby final, scouts, Civil war re-enactment, and a high school marching band contest.

The film opens with a few titles - Halifax Cine and Video Club
Scrapbook 86
There are a few shots of a snow-covered Halifax including the town and the countryside. There is then a sign reading "Sportsman Inn Sportsman Leisure," and there are many people gathered skiing at Skye Slope.
Title - Halifax Rugby League Football Club 20th April, 1986
The rugby finals take place in a stadium packed full of spectators cheering on the players. A compilation of scenes from the game then ends with a brief picture of the trophy.
Next, beginning at the Halifax Parish Church, there is a Scouts parade. The parade is made up of a large number of different divisions of the Scouts including boys and girls as well as the leaders of the various troupes who march together through the town.
Sign - B&Q DIY Supercentre Coming Soon
The construction area for the new Supercentre can be seen in progress. The site is full of materials as well as different kinds of construction vehicles and tools.
Sign - Metropolitan Borough of Calderdale Leisure Services Department
Mrs. Barbara Pickles
Calderdale Busking Competition 1986
The Piece Hall Halifax
Sunday 4th May 1986
Inside the Piece Hall, there is a BBC Radio Leeds Van set up to cover the day's events. On a small stage, a variety of different musicians perform while many spectators, though not a very large crowd of people, look on. At the end of the performances, the winners are announced by a man on the stage.
The next event begins with a parade of soldiers on foot, some in a tank, through Halifax. The soldiers then line up in front of the Bankfield Museum where the Lord Mayor and associates are waiting.
Sign - Spare a Minute for Africa - Workout for sport aid May 25
This fundraiser consists of sponsored athletes running on a course around the countryside. There are also many spectators who have turned out for the event.
Title - Sowerby Bridge Charity Gala 1986
The gala parade proceeds through the streets of the town made up of a variety of different floats, people in fancy dress, and the Gala Queen.
In the park, there are many men dressed as soldiers partaking in what appears to be an American Civil War re-enactment. They put on a huge battle scene complete with weaponry and appropriate costume.
Sign - Horses at Work National Museum of the Working Horse
Here at the museum, there are a few horses pulling different kinds of buggies or carriages. One consist of a buggy ride for museum goers through the streets. Part of the film is from this point of view.
Sign - Halifax Sailing Club
There are many sailboats on the lake, and a group of small children are gathered playing in the sand. Also, there are a few sunbathers lying along the bank. This is followed briefly by a short motorcycle parade driving through a city street.
Title - North of England Band Contest for Marching Bands
Hipperholme and Lightcliffe High School Sat 6 September
Many different marching bands compete by performing on a field. The trophy table can also be seen in between competition performances.
Sigh - Ravensprings
Here at Ravensprings there are a few different miniature rail roads set up with small trains running on them which act as an amusement ride for both children and adults. Some of the film is taken while riding on one of the trains.
Title - The End