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YFA 3233



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This is a film which documents a number of events in the Halifax area during 1985-86 including a carnival, police open day, an industrial museum, Skye Run, canoes, and the new police station.

Title - The Halifax Cine and Video Club Presents
Scrapbook 85
A parade marches through the streets of Halifax consisting of a few marching bands, some people in fancy dress, floats, cheerleaders, majorettes, and a few clowns.
Sign - Police Community Day
At the park, there are a few policemen carrying flags on horses performing a few military-like exercises for the public. There are also many different booths set up including ones on safety as well as a large wooden painting of cartoon policemen, one with a hole for a head so your picture can be taken with you being part of that scene.
Title - International Youth Gala Shibden Park Halifax
There are many tents set up around the park with various displays, games, and even a spray hair dye tent. The Lord Mayor is present as well as the Halifax Young Farmers. Other events of the day include a barbeque and horse jumping.
A parade of uniformed children, most likely Girl Scouts or Brownies, takes place with many girls holding flags, mostly the Union Jack.
At the Piece Hall there is a children's play which takes place on a small stage in the middle of the Piece Hall courtyard. A crowd is gathered to watch, some standing and some seated on lawn chairs. A few of the children who have already performed, dressed like old time merchants, pose for the camera, and the last part of the performance takes place with a variety of folk dancing.
Title - European Championship
Yorkshire Radio Controlled Model Racing Club
Around the perimeter of this raceway, there are a few different stands set up for the event, some food and others dealing with technical parts for racing and other memorabilia. Then, on a small and winding track, the model race cars compete for trophies which can be seen set aside on a table.
At the Calderdale Industrial Museum, many are lined up outside waiting to see the exhibitions. The Lord Mayor and Mayoress arrive for the opening, and inside the museum, there are many different aspects of industry on display including different types of engines.
Title - Sportsman Leisure
There is a man fixing a track which appears to be made of thick bristles bound together for what will become a ski track. For the opening, a boy skies down the track with a bouquet of flowers to give to a lady waiting at the bottom of the hill. There is also a man who makes a speech at a microphone for this grand opening.
Title - Vintage Weekend
Antique and vintage cars are parked together for display on a field while many people are looking at these different cars.
Title - Join National Breakdown
Sowerby Bridge
There is a parade which processes through the small streets of the city. The short parade consists of many dancers in traditional folk costume and a small float being pulled through the streets by more than 20 men. The parade then comes to a halt at the Maypole Inn. Here a few groups of dancers perform different types of folk dances while a crowd is gathered around to watch.
The next portion documents a kayaking obstacle race on the river. There are many spectators who have gathered on the bridge above the river in order to watch the race. After the race, there is an event at the fairgrounds for all things kayaking.
The next portion of the film documents the opening of the new Police Headquarters. At the old office a man speaks to the camera (most likely about the new facilities but the soundtrack was unable to be listen to.) The jail cells, courthouse, and call station are featured. Then, movers unload filing cabinets and other equipment out of a truck and there are a few senior members of the force who pose with the keys to the old building. After a shot of the roadways and surrounding area, the new building is featured with a sign reading West Yorkshire Metropolitan Police. Many older policemen arrive, most with their wives, and enter the new building. Inside, a memorial plaque is unveiled, and a priest is also present to bless the opening. Different rooms and facilities of the new headquarters are featured including new holding cells, major incident room 79, the call station, conference room 77, and the cafeteria where the policemen can sit with their cups of tea.
The final portion of the film features three small children rushing towards a Christmas tree and opening many gifts.
Title - The End.