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This is a film which documents a number of events in the Halifax area during 1984 including a Fun Run, German Band, Shibden Park, and a Swimathon.

Title - Halifax Cine and Video Club presents
Scrapbook 84
Round Table Fun Run

Sign - Parking at own risk Sainsburys accept no liability for any injury, damage, or theft in and within the parking area

Crowds of people are gathered at the starting line waiting for the Fun Run race to begin. At the end of the race, the finish line is marked with a banner reading, Finish - Nationwide Building Society. The first of the runners begin to make it to the finish line at Piece Hall while crowds of people on either side of the track cheer them on.

Title - English Civil War Society

A group of people are dressed in costume at the Shibden Hall Folk Museum. Here they show examples to tourists of how different crafts and industry worked before the Industrial Revolution. A woman weaving on a wooden loom can be seen while museum-goers look on.

Title - Half Marathon

A man in a top hat starts the race and the runners are off on the track which leads through the town. Other competitors also take part in the half marathon pushing wheelchairs as part of the race. Like the previous race, the finish line is also at Piece Hall.

Sign - The Swimathon

The competition takes place at an indoor swimming pool were people can be seen swimming laps and diving. There is also a portion of the swimathon when a few people take kayaks into the water at the indoor pool. A Certificate of Achievement is given out to those who took place in the day's events including Jim Brown - Squash Player. Additionally, there is a table with many trophies on display.

Title - Vintage and Veteran Car Rally

May vintage and antique cars are lined up on the field at Piece Hall in order to be put on display. One car is identified with a sign which reads, 1951 Jowett Bradford Utility DeLuxe.

There is a military band playing on stage at the Piece Hall and a crowd is gathered around to watch the performance.

Sign - The John Wesley Round - A visitor travel following the life and times of the great 18th century evangelist.

A man, dressed in 18th century attire, rides out of the Piece Hall on a horse, and the tour moves onto Heptonstall Methodist Church.

Sign - Brighouse Charity Gala Saturday June 30th at Wellholme Park

Many people are gathered at the park for this charity gala. At the park there is a small steam engine ride for the children as well as different carnival games and foot booths.

Sign - It's a Knockout at Manor Heath Park Sunday 5th August 1984 Hosted by Kenny Carter

At the park there are many different games and obstacle courses in which people compete.

Sign - West Yorkshire Police Committee

Featured here is the construction site for what will become the new Police Headquarters. The site is in its beginning stages with construction material and vehicles around the site.

Title - Bed Race

The event is set up complete with a barbecue, clothing sale, and carnival booths and games. Then, the bed race begins.

The next portion of the scrapbook concerns the drought which took place during that year. There are newspaper clippings, one from the Evening Courier which reads, Yorkshire Water Thanks for Helping Us Beat the Drought. Others include Drought is over - all restrictions lifted - Water fixed fee up to £17 from £5 -
Deluge leans Trial of Chaos. Here cars try to make their way through an almost completely flooded out street.

Title - Christmas at Piece Hall

At the Piece Hall, Santa makes an appearance, there is a Christmas tree, and a band to play festive music. The film then moves to the Halifax centre which is decorated for the Christmas holidays.

Title - The End