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This is a film which documents a number of events in the Halifax area during 1983 including wool shops, Shibden May Day, trips on the canal, the Boys Brigade, and a charity sale.

Title - Halifax Cine and Video Club Presents
Scrapbook 83
The film begins with a group of stills, some paintings others pictures, beginning around the 18th century through to contemporary time of the same area of town, presumably Halifax.
Title - The New Wool shops takes shape
Piece Hall is under construction, the majority of the building covered in scaffolding. There are also many construction vehicles and parts of equipment inside the piece hall as well as near the surrounding areas.
Title - May Day at Shibden Hall
Here there is a group of young girls performing a traditional dance around a Maypole while a crowd is gathered to watch. Also at Shibden Hall, there are a few weavers and other craftsmen performing their duties in a traditional manner. One of these craftsmen is a blacksmith which fits a horse for a shoe, near an open fire while spectators look on. Additionally, he also ties up the horse's mane and tail in quite a decorative fashion.
Title - May Day at the Piece Hall
There is a crowd inside the Piece Hall celebrating May Day. The Lord Mayor makes a speech for the celebration, and there are a few carnival games and stands including a place for stuffed animals and a rock climbing wall. The "Cumberland Giants" also provide entertainment being introduced by a clown then coming out and fighting. The Cumberland Giants are quite large inflatable wrestlers attached to two different performers running around.
Title - Clader Navigation Society Waterways Fortnight
There are many boats on the water and a few of them begin to make their way up the canal. Part of the journey is documented from one of the boats as they head towards Ganny Lock.
Title - Boys Brigade Centenary Year
A bus is parked in the street and on the bus it reads 5th Halifax (Elland) Company The Boys Brigade The Anchormen. The Boys Brigade begins to march and consists also of a marching band and a group of girl flag twirlers. They go into formation in a square and perform while spectators gather around the sides and watch.
Title - Halifax Lions Club Charity Market Saturday 21 May 1983 1st Bly Yorkshire Volunteers
Inside the hall there is a charity market with a large amount of tables full of food, clothing, and a variety of crafts.
Title - Milk Race
The announcers stand at the finish line as a group of milk trucks pass through. The bike race then begins, and the crowd is gathered at the finish line awaiting the results of the race.
Title - Halifax Charity Gala
Beginning with a marching band, there is a large parade full of many different types of floats and people in costume. There are a few different marching bands in between the different floats, and the city streets are lined with spectators. In the park there is a carnival which has been set up full of games and food booths. There is also a small steam train ride for the younger children.
Title - Agricultural Show
Here animals are on display as there are a few specific shows featuring dogs, horses, sheep, and goats. Also, there is a performance by a group of hand-bell ringers.
Title - Changes at Dean Clough
At the weaving factory, there are museum exhibits set up about related industry. Outside a group of bagpipe players are entertaining a crowd while a man descends from the roof of the building to street level via a long rope.
Title - Yorkshire Water Hebble Brook Sewer Replacement
Sign - Calderdale Yorkshire Water Authority Halifax main sewerage reconstruction scheme stage 4
Various stages of the construction are documented featuring a few workers and much of the construction equipment used to complete this project.
Title - The Christmas Scene
At a large outdoor market there are many different stands for goods including fruit, vegetables, flowers, baked goods, and meat as well as musical entertainment. There are many people at the market including some in costume. One of the musical acts is comprised of three men playing an accordion, tuba, and drums. After a few more shots of the market, a manger scene is featured followed by Christmas lights and other decorations including many shop windows in town. There is also a group of musicians playing Christmas music for passers-by.
Title - The End