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YFA 2791



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Monday 17 June, 1963 - Features the opening of York Castle Museum with the Lord Mayor and Barbara Kelly. The day's events include opeing of the King William Pub, a speech by Kelly, and theatrical productions including child theatre.

The film opens with the Lord Mayor and his wife welcoming television celebrity, Barbara Kelly, for the opening of the City of York Castle Museum. After a speech by Kelly, the film features various shots of shop fronts in Half Moon Court, a uniquely painted caravan, as well as the official opening of the King William Pub also by Kelly.

The film captures various theatrical productions specially put on for the musuem opening. A quartet of waiters offer a song and a group of actors perform a short musical number.

Later on outside the days events turn towards the children as they put on various performances including a costume parade, an ' old man's' game of cricket, a battle between cowboys and indians and cops and robbers, a boys hoola dance, and a royal court ballet. A group of boy scouts are also featured here selling concessions to those there to take part in the day's special events.