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YFA 4061



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This is a promotional film appealing for volunteer blood donors to take part in a Hebden Bridge week long blood donation campaign. The film explains what is involved in giving blood using a new volunteer as an example to tell the story.

Title: 'Half-an-hour of your time'

'Produced and photographed by the Cine Section of the Hebden Bridge Literary and Scientific Society'

A minibus and a van of the National Blood Transfusion Service arrive at a building. Marked on the van on the driver's side door is, 'Regional Transfusion Centre, Ministry of Health, Bridle Path, York Road.' Nurses disembark from the minibus and take in the equipment which is unloaded from the van. A woman stops to look at a large poster outside the building which appeals for blood donors to come and donate from Saturday, 9th September, 1950. Next to the poster is an advertisement for 'Another New Power Station'.

Intertitle: 'Let us follow this volunteer'

The woman walks to the donation session and checks her watch before going in. It reads 4.12. Inside there is a row of donors laid out on bunk beds.

Intertitle: 'First she visits the receptionist'

The woman volunteer sits down at a table with the receptionist and fills out a form.

Intertitle: 'Next a test is made'

The volunteer goes to another desk where a nurse takes a blood sample from her thumb to test her iron level.

Intertitle: 'The blood is now taken'

The volunteer goes over to lie on a bunk bed, is covered with a blanket, and has her pulse taken. A nurse then takes her blood which passes into a bottle which is regularly shaken. Then she is led away.

Intertitle: 'Afterwards a few minutes rest'

The volunteer lies down on another bunk bed holding the plaster on her arm and chatting with a nurse who is sitting down beside her.

Intertitle: 'A cup of tea'

The volunteer then joins other donors having a cup of tea, and after a while checks her watch to go. This time her watch reads 4.42.

Intertitle: 'And away'

The volunteer leaves and walks off down the road.

Intertitle: 'All in 'half an hour''

The film finishes with some dramatic end titles, 'Will you be one?' and some covers of blood donation promotional literature.

The End