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YFA 2085



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From the Hainsworth collection, this film contains footage from a `Wings for Victory' march and a War Weapons Week.

The film opens in 1940 with a huge crowd of people gathered in the centre of town; many of them look in the direction of camera. The Pudsey Carnival is underway, and Mr Hainsworth, the Mayor, and his wife are on the stage and smile at the camera. There are lots of children in fancy dress; including 18th century costume.

A man makes a speech, and then there are shots of three adults dressed as comedy characters. They start to perform and then a group of young women dance on stage. The comedian Albert Modley is seen on a stage.

The following shots are of two girls and a boy in a park; they joke about and then the shot cuts to a road with a group of girls dressed as what appear to be the May Queen's subjects. The Mayoress adjusts the costumes of boys dressed as foot men and they march down the street followed by other boys playing trumpets. This is followed by the May Queen standing on the path and behind her are her subjects.

In Pudsey Park a group of men take part in a race walking competition and this is followed by a shot of a cart horse attached to a decorated wagon plus shots of the Mayor, Mr Hainsworth, walking back and forth along the grass, posing for the camera.

In town, a marching band makes its way along a road; they are followed by a large group of police officers who line up at the side of the road. The Mayor and Mayoress pose for the camera and then there are shots of a town hall which is heavily protected by sand bags.

Speeches are being made from the roof of The Albert Hall at Pudsey Market place (the Pudsey Swimming Baths in summer}, as part of War Weapons Week. There are shots of people leaving a first aid centre including Pudsey's long-serving town Clerk W.R. Cruse who wears a gown and spectacles and Councillor Mrs Maud Musgrave.

In 1943 there is another `Wings for Victory' parade which includes poor quality footage of troops and other people marching in Lowtown, Pudsey.