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YFA 2087



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This film is part of the Hainsworth collection and contains shots of some of the Hainsworth children, the blossoming flowers at The Grange, and two weddings.

Title-Autumn and Winter 1939-1940.

A group of young boys and girls play outside with some adults; they play ring-a-ring-a-rosy. There is a brief shot of Timothy Hainsworth as a baby sitting on the grass in a garden at Lyndhurst, New Street, Farsley. He was the first son of Peter and Eileen Hainsworth and was born on February 15th 1940.

Following this are shots of a snowy countryside and a woman walking her dog.

Title-Squills, The Grange, 1940.

There are lingering shots of lots of flowers in full bloom in a field.

Title-Lyndhurst, Farsley, May

New parents and their mother and father hold their new baby and pose for camera. Then this cuts to shots of five children posing outside on some rocks.

Title-Miss Curry

An older woman sits on a chair in the garden looking at the camera.

Title-Laburnams, the Grange.

There is a shot of the woman walking along a country road underneath blossoming trees in the direction of the camera.

Title-Rhododendrons Hazlehurst, 1st July 1940.

The flowers are in full bloom, and two women walk along beside the flowerbeds.

Title-Wedding of Charlotte Fraser and Edward Partridge 15th June 1940.

Title-Presbyterian Chapel, Leeds

Reception: Trogullow, Roundhay

Title-Wedding of Phoebe Gaunt & Geoffrey Ambler 20th June 1940.

Title-Reception: Hawksworth Hall.

Title-The End.