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YFA 2084



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This film is part of the Hainsworth collection and consists of footage from family holidays, day trips and a wedding.

The film begins with shots of two children and two women walking down the steps of the Hainsworth family home at The Grange, Priesthorpe Road, Farsley. There are shots of the countryside around The Grange and Farsley village. This area is now the site of the present Leeds Ring Road.

There are a few brief shots of a woman with a fur coat, walking her dog in a park full of blooming cherry blossom trees. There is also a brief shot of a man with a dog.

The next scene is the wedding of Margaret Isles and Henry Lamb in 1938, and a red carpet has been laid out along an entrance drive way. Two women walk up a driveway along a red carpet and are followed by more men and women in suits, fur coats and hats. One woman walks up the carpet alone, carrying a huge bouquet of flowers, and she is followed by more people and then the bride and her father.

The next shot is of the couple in front of the church after the ceremony; the guests have thrown lots of confetti on them. More of the guests come out of the church.

Some adults and toddlers are in a garden; the adults are trying to help the children to walk.

The scene changes to black and white footage of a group of men sitting and standing at a table at Farsley Chess Club; there is a trophy on it and they smile at the camera.

Following this are shots of the family having Christmas dinner and a maid serving; she is wearing the full uniform. Captured in the film are Charles Hainsworth's daughters Ruth and Joyce, Joyce's husband Ernest Bates on the right, and other daughter Nancy's husband, Sam Cordingley.

In the next scene a garden party is being held at The Grange. A group of men and women stand around outside talking and walking about; some of them smile at the camera. They begin to get themselves in a group and look at the camera and then they move away again.

The next sequence is in colour and includes shots from Scotland including Elgin and Culloden. Two young women stand on grass posing for the camera. Then there are some shots of a very fast-flowing river going under a bridge and towards the camera. There are several shots from different angles at Fountains Abbey and then a shot of one of the women standing on a rock and waving at the camera. This is followed by some lingering shots of the women and man wandering about beside a field.

The group sit on rocks having a picnic. The people are Charles Hainsworth, his daughter Ruth, his future daughter- in-law Eileen Bateson, and her future husband Peter Hainsworth.

Following this are shots of the group leaving a building at Gretna Green and then shots of men playing cricket and on beach with a toddler. There is a family scene at the beach with parents, grandparents and children. They sit on beach, paddle, and dig in the sand, while some castle ruins can be seen on a hill in the background. Some of the adults go paddling in the water.

The next section details a holiday taken at Beau Rivage Hotel, Weggis in Switzerland. There are panning shots out across Lake Lucerne and shots of the mountains surrounding the lake. A woman lies out on a deck, smiles at camera, and then puts on her robe. Down at dockside are close up shots of the ferry coming in and passengers waving.

There is a sequence of shots showing a village, mountains and the locals carrying heavy baskets of items up a steep path. There are more shots of the family walking along a path at base of mountains, beside river, shots of mountains all around, and the men and women having a picnic beside a river.

More shots of people standing around on the wooden jetty beside the lake, and the two young women pretending to greet each other. Then several people are sunbathing on the jetty, and a man and woman in their bathing suits on a see saw in the lake!

Two porters unload bags from a vehicle, and then there is a shot of a woman buttoning up the bottom of her skirt. Shots of some men and women sitting outside in the sun, and a shot taken from above looking down onto a boat being rowed on the lake. One of the women sits on the jetty and poses for the camera.

Brief shot of a man playing with two dogs.

The final sequence is the Mayor of Pudsey's procession along Farsley Town Street to Farsley Baprtist Church for Mayor's Sunday. Charles Hainsworth was Mayor of Pudsey from 1938 to 1939. His wife Ann, the Mayoress, comes out of a house with a fur throw and a dress. She takes it off, does a twirl and goes back inside. There is a brief shot of Peter Hainsworth playing with dog.

The next section is black and white and consists of wedding shots. Bridesmaids get out of a car and pose behind the flower girl; then the bride arrives in her car. There are shots of the couple after the wedding as well as shots of the bridesmaids and the guests gathered outside the church.

The final shot is of a bonfire and then three children in a garden.