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YFA 797



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From the Kathleen Lockwood collection, this film shows both the old pupils of Hade Edge School in Holmfirth, Yorkshire, and the celebrations that take place as it reaches its centenary year.

The film opens showing a commemorative china cup and plate with a picture of the school and the centenary dates of 1882-1982.


Title-Mrs Hitchen nee Dorothy Taylor.

An older woman sits in an armchair and looks through old school certificates. There are close ups of the various certificates.

Title-Miss Gladys Battye

There is a shot of an old black and white photograph; a pen is used to point Miss Battye out. There is a shot of the woman sitting in a garden looking through her photo album. She points out several other girls.

Title-Mrs Turner nee Florence Kaye.

A woman sits in the garden looking through a music manuscript. There are close ups of the pages in the manuscript.

Title-Charles P. Patrick.

A current pupil sits outside the school working on a drawing for a poster. He has drawn many buildings from Holmfirth such as the Washpit Mill, the Sunday school and Hade Edge School. He sits down beside one of the older women and talks to her and then a priest and another woman look at his poster.

Title-Mr F. Tipping 1940-49

Mrs Johnson nee Miss H. Burgess 1927-30.

A man and woman sit in a room talking and looking at pages.

Title-Mrs D. Hirst

Mrs M. Helm.

Two women are in a kitchen making a three tier cake for the anniversary celebration. They mix the ingredients, putting the sections into the oven to bake and decorating it with icing. The cake is set up on a stand and the words `Ambition, Music and Sport' are visible on the side of the cake.

Title-Mrs Beaumont nee Beatrice Moorhouse scholar and teacher.

There are shots taken of the outside of a building, probably the school, and then shots of an older woman inside looking through photographs.

Title-Feb. 4th 1982. The Mayor and Mayoress of Kirklees visit the school.

A large car drives up to the school and the driver helps the Mayor and Mayoress out. They sit in a classroom with young children who walk up to greet the guests. The Mayor's assistant and the Mayor show the children some of the items of office including the sceptre.

Title-The End.

There is a shot of a bouquet of flowers with a card addressed to Kathleen.

Title-The End.