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NEFA 22127



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A home movie made by Raymond James Paiton begins with a young girl taking part in a gymkhana event in which she wins a green rosette. The final part of the film show two men and two boys on a beach and views Dunstanburgh Castle near Craster on the Northumberland coast.

The film opens in a field or showground on a small girl sitting on a pony that is being held by a boy. General views follow of a woman holding the reins of the horse speaking with another woman. The film changes to show the woman and horse standing in the near distance beside a sign that reads ‘Collecting Ring’.

The film cuts to show an older girl as she leads the horse with a younger rider towards a line of other horses waiting nearby. Two of the horses are lead around a showground watched by crowds standing behind a barrier in the distance. The two girls and horse pose together followed by the younger girl standing proudly wearing a green rosette.

The film cuts to show two men walking along a sandy beach followed by two boys running past. The film ends on a view of Dunstanburgh Castle and the rocky beach and cliffs nearby.