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YFA 5311



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This is a compilation reel of two films made by the Nunthorpe School Photographic Society.  The first is a take on the famous Gunpowder Plot, and the second is a humorous look at the day in the life of the school.  The Photographic Society used to meet in the cellars of the original house which appears in the first film.  The films were made between 1963 and 1965 and were shown to raise money for the School funds.  The accompanying music was Vaughan Williams, “March Past of the Kitchen Utensils.”  

Title – Up With the School

The film begins with a group of older schoolboys looking over a script for a gunpowder plot.  They then form a line, pass barrels of ‘gunpowder’ onto a stage, and feed a fuse to it.  A teacher checks in to see what they are doing, and after he has gone, they light the fuse and run off.  As the lighted fuse meets the gunpowder there is an explosion, showing the plotters being silhouetted by the explosive flash.

Title – The End

Producer S.T. Beckett
Cameraman G.R. Green
Lighting D.K. Hamilton and D.M. Booth
Cast Mr. T. Bardy  R.D. Smith and others

Title – The Shortest Day
Title – Nunthorpe through a lens.

A group of boys arrive at school, some on bicycle, and some on foot.  One boy hits another with a catapult.  The boys file into school in single line, where they sing in assembly.  They then file out of school and go to a lesson where one boy tries to work at his desk while all the others make paper airplanes and throw them at him.  In another class a boy waves his arms in front of a class all diligently working.  The teacher, Robert Emmerson, comes in and draws a triangle on the blackboard while a boy looks at a book with pictures in it.  One boy is sent out and has the cane on the backside.

The bell is rung, and in another class the teacher writes ‘Ghosts’ on the blackboard and speaks to the class, who are all writing diligently.  As the teacher, Ian Patterson, writes more on the blackboard, the students suddenly disappear. The bell is rung again and the boys run into the playground where a fight takes place, with a teacher vainly trying to break it up.  A group of teachers arrive and the two antagonists are carted off.  One gets taken on a stretcher, with the other boys jeering.

Again the school bell is rung.  Back in the class all the boys appear to be slumped in sleep.  The teacher, Bernard Porter, appears, slams the door and starts playing the piano.  The music score is for ‘Sleepers Awake’, by J S Bach.  The clock shows 4 pm.  Two boys are up on the roof with a telescope – built by the Astronomical Society run by Ian Patterson – which they point towards ‘Mill Mount’ (the girl’s grammar school).  Again the bell rings, and a group of younger boys set off on a cross country run.  But instead of running, some jump on bikes while others get a lift in a car.  At the end of the race, the teacher, Tom Bardy, gets them all to do push ups while congratulating the one boy who has run the course.  The clock still shows 4 pm and the boys run out of school.

On a blackboard is written ‘Tonight’s Activities: Photographic Society’.  A group of boys burst into a room and all enthusiastically take photos of a young female teacher who is sitting on a chair, unhappily, posing.  A young male teacher walks along an outside corridor checking doors.  Then the boys leave school, some running, many on bikes, one on a motorbike. 

Title – The End.

Producer S.T. Beckett
Cameraman G.R. Green and M.W. Sanderson
Lighting and sound D.K. Hamilton
Thanks to: Mr T Bardy, Mr R Emmerson, Mr I Patterson, Mr B Porter and Miss J Milner and Society Members