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YFA 4751



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This film is part of the Gordon Riley collection and contains footage of Guiseley Brass Band taking part in a range of procession from several years, including the 1962 St. George's Day procession.

Title-Nodrog presents

Title-Spotlight on Guiseley Brass Band

The film opens with a shot of the band marching along a road.

Title-St. George's Day Ilkley 1962.

The brass band has gathered outside a church and the flag bearers are getting into order before they begin their march. Following the band and the flag bearers is a line of Boy Scouts and what appear to be Cubs; at one stage the Boy Scouts salute the brass band as they pass them.

Title-Whitsuntide Sing Guiseley 1966.

The camera is positioned in the middle of a road and the brass band march past while playing their instruments.

Spectators line the road as the band makes their way down it. The traffic waits as the band turn off onto another road and they are followed by a crowd of men, women and children.

The crowd gathers around a monument and a clergy man makes a speech. The camera captures the band playing and then there are shots of other priests standing at the monument, reading from pages and talking to the crowd. The conductor conducts the band, followed by more men standing at the monument and reading to the crowd.

Title-Rogation Carlton 1974.

The camera is positioned at the side of a country road and captures men and women walking down the road with instruments under their arms. They gather in front of an old stone building, begin playing music and then walking in a line into another county estate. They stop again and the priest begins to read to the crowd before they move on again to another spot in a field. The crowd does the same thing at several different spots.

Title-The End.