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NEFA 20982



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An amateur film made by members of Guisborough Grammar School of a sports day taking place in the school grounds. The film shows various races and events taking place from the serious to the fun.

The film opens with views of a number of sprinting competitors crossing the finishing line. This is followed by views of a hurdles race. General views of boys doing the long jump. Two men are seen measuring the jumps and raking over the sand. A race is seen at the beginning followed by the winner and other competitors crossing the finishing line. There is a brief shot of an egg-and-spoon race. Five boys attempt the high jump, only one boy knocks the bar off. General views of an egg and spoon race; one of the competitors is seen dropping his egg. Another race is shown beginning. There are close ups on two boys. The winner crosses the finishing line. General views of a hurdles race. A three-legged-race begins and one pair falls over as the other races past. The film cuts to show three younger boys doing the high jump. General views of an obstacle race is filmed as competitors crawl under a bar, climb through a tyre and walk on a set of bricks. Another race gets underway. The competitors run past the camera and are seen crossing the finishing line. More views from the obstacle race this time beginning with boys putting sacks over their heads.

[This section of film is very dark]. The film cuts to a group of men in shirts and ties sprinting across the finishing line. A relay race begins with the film cutting to the baton being past-on. The film ends with views of a tug-o-war.

Note: Within two years of this film being shot, some of the senior boys and school masters would serve in World War Two. The Grammar School was originally founded in 1561 by Robert Pursglove, the last Prior of Gisborough Priory, as a free school for the sons of local farmers and tradesmen. In 1971 the grammar school became Prior Pursglove College, a co-educational sixth form college.