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NEFA 20983



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A second reel of amateur film made by members of Guisborough Grammar School of a sports day in the school grounds. The film shows various races and events taking place from the serious to the fun.

The film opens with views from four sprint races with competitors crossing the finishing line. Two boys do the long jump, the second competitor has is jump examined by a judge. The film cuts to show three boys inside a tent selling various sweets from a wooden trestle table. There is a brief view of the crowds seated around the field watching events followed by three more boys doing the long jump. As before the last competitors jump is seen being examined. The film cuts to a boy crossing the finishing line. The film cuts to show six boys laying on the ground in sacks. The quickly get up and start hopping as part of a sack race. Seven boys are seen jumping over a long jump bar. Another race begins. General views of boys taking part in the hurdles race. In a three legged race competitors race around a curve. An egg and spoon race gets underway with competitors having to pick up their eggs with their spoon. A view of another race starting. The film cuts to an obstacle race with competitors climbing through rubber rings, crawling under a rope net, crawling under a wooden bar and walking on bricks. The film ends with various views in a relay race and batons being past.

Note: Within two years of this film being shot, some of the senior boys and school masters would serve in World War Two. The Grammar School was originally founded in 1561 by Robert Pursglove, the last Prior of Gisborough Priory, as a free school for the sons of local farmers and tradesmen of Cleveland. In 1971 the grammar school became Prior Pursglove College, a co-educational sixth form college.