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NEFA 20980



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An amateur film made by members of the Guisborough Grammar School Scout Troop of a camping trip to Runswick Bay in North Yorkshire.

The film opens with a bare chested young Scout leader washing and drying himself in a field at Runswick Bay. A scout is digging into the grass field. A young boy scout hangs sheets or towels on a fence on a cliff overlooking the sea. The group of scouts relax on the grass in front of their canvas tents at the cliff top campsite, their bikes strewn around the grass. Some of the boys and their leaders lounge around eating on blankets on the grass.

The boy scouts and their leaders head down to the sea at Runswick Bay and go for a swim and paddle in knitted all-in-one swimsuits, towels across their shoulders. They play leap frog in the water.

Back at camp, two boys prepare food over a small camp fire, whilst the older scout leader shaves. The Runswick Bay Hotel is in the background. Some of the boys eat whilst sitting on the ground. One of the scout leaders shaves the other. The group of young scouts peel potatoes at the campsite. The film ends with one of the scouts running across the field holding the cooking pot.