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NEFA 20805



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An amateur film made of the Guisborough Grammar School Scout camp to Howick in Northumberland in August 1933. The film begins with the troop hiking across Swirral Edge towards Helvellyn in the Lake District. The film cuts to their camp at Howick and shows them playing in the sea and on the sand at Sugar Beach and visiting Bamburgh Castle. The film also includes views of activities taking place around camp including them cooking a meal and practising flag semaphore. The film also features the boys playing games around camp including quoits. The film ends with the troop packing up and a train arriving at a station.

The film opens on a panoramic view of the surrounding peaks and countryside filmed from the Swirrel Edge heading towards Hellvellyn in the Lake District. The film cuts to show five young boys and a man who is holding a map descend carefully along a skree path. The group are then seen walking along a rocky edge at the top of a peak. The camera pans to the right to take in the surrounding countryside. The film cuts to show two of the boys and a man carefully climbing down a rocky cliff. This is followed by a view of another four boys climbing up.

The film cuts to show the troop of Scouts and masters walking through a field beside a large tent and into a stone shed. All the boys are carrying a plate and mug; some are carrying large Billy-cans.

In a stream three bare-chested boys take a wash. The film cuts to the arrival of a man, possibly Mr Routh, by bicycle. He is met at a stone gate by two men who shake his hand.

The boys load suitcases and bags onto the back of a horse and cart. The horse and cart is lead away and the boys follow on behind. Beside a motor bus the bags and cases are unloaded onto roof of the bus.

The film cuts to a field where there are general views of a group of uniformed Scouts practising flag semaphore [the telegraphy system to convey information at a distance by means of visual signals with hand-held flags]. The film cuts to show a group of Scouts walking across moorland. In a small gully they light a small fire.

On a cricket pitch at Boulmer the Camp Cricket XI play against a local team. There are various views of the ball being bowled. The sequence ends with the boys walking off the pitch.

Title: Agfa

General view of the campsite at Howick. A number of Scouts peel potatoes with knives. Around a long trestle table two older Scouts help two younger boys cut up pieces of vegetables and place them in a large cooking pot. The film cuts to show the older Scouts cut up pieces of meat and putting them into a bowl.

A young Scout attempts to chop a piece of wood with an axe. He is being watched by two other boys.

Back at the trestle table the older Scouts dish up the cooked food to a line of boys. General view around the trestle table of the meal being eaten.

A group of boys stand around another who is handing out cards. Beside one of the large canvas tents two of the younger boys play a game of quoits (?). They are joined by another four boys for a second game.

Beside another tent four boys capture a number of insects or bees (?) and place them inside a marmalade tin covered with a cloth. Once full (?) the can is kicked over and the boys are seen running away. They play the game again.

The film cuts to Sugar Beach [between Howick and Boulmer] where there are general views of all the boys playing and swimming in the sea. On the beach a group of boy bury one of the comrades in the sand. Eventually he gets up and his friends continue to shovel sand onto him. The film cuts to show some of the boys exploring the wreck of an upturned metal ship which is on the beach. Sitting on the rocks nearby a Scout Master watches on.

The film cuts to the troop of Scouts in uniform walking up a set of stone steps and along the wall inside Bamburgh Castle. There is an overhead view looking down inside the castle grounds and beach on the other side of the wall. The sequence ends with the troop walking down a path away from camera.

Back at camp tents are seen being taken down and equipment packed away. Five boys are needed to pack one of the large tents inside a canvas bag.

General view of the uniformed Scouts marching together along a country road. They are each carrying a backpack and walking with a long walking-stick. The film ends with a view of a steam train pulling into a railway station, possibly at Little Mill station near Alnwick.