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NEFA 20984



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An amateur film made by members of Guisborough Grammar School Scout Troop of a camping trip to Robin Hoods Bay in North Yorkshire in August 1937. Footage follows of commercial aircraft operations at Croydon airport in the 1930's

The film opens on an overhead view of a campsite and three boys eating. The film cuts to two younger boys lying on a small hillside beside a flagpole eating. A third boy approaches holding a plate.

There is a view looking along the coast towards Robin Hoods Bay. The tide is out.

The film cuts to a boy digging a small hole watched over by a man. Two boys are seen peeling potatoes while a third standing beside them eats a piece of fruit.

From an overhead position the camera pans right to left showing the campsite beside the cliff edge. The flaps for all four tents are up and equipment is seen being laid out in order beside one of the tents. Three people are seen walking down a nearby hillside towards the camp with Robin Hoods Bay behind them.

The film cuts to another boy peeling potatoes. A boy and a man dig a shallow trench using a wooden hammer and small pick-axe. A bare chested boy stands over smiling at the camera.

The film cuts to a rocky beach looking along the shoreline. Waves crash onto the beach.

The second part of th film cuts to a section initially thought to be of commercial flights at Thornaby aerodrome, however it is more likely to be commercial operations in the late Thirties at Croydon Airport.

The film opens with an overhead view of a fixed wing Short Brothers landplane inside a hangar. A name is written under the cockpit; ‘Scylla’. Above the hangar is a sign that reads “Imperial Airways’

General view of the control tower with clock. The camera pans up to along the radio mast.

A fixed wing Short Brothers landplane (Reg: G-ACJJ) taxis onto the runway and is shown taking off.

A De Havilland Fox Moth (Reg: G-ABUT) taxies off the runway past the control tower. The film cuts to show a De Havilland fixed-wing landplane (Reg: G-AEWR) as it taxies off the runway. Along the side is written ‘Railway Air Services Ltd Plan ‘Venus’’. In the background can be seen the fixed wing Short Brothers landplane ‘Hanno’ which is parked in front of the radio tower.

The film cuts to show a Handley Page Western fixed-wing landplane coming into land and taxiing along the runway. The film ends with a view of another Short Brothers fixed-wing landplane coming into land. Along the side of the plane is written ‘Imperial Airways’.