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NEFA 20985



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An amateur film made by members of the Guisborough Grammar School Scout Troop to the New Forest and their camp at Queen’s Bower . The film also shows a visit to Southampton to see the RMS Queen Mary.

The film opens on a boy fanning a camp fire. The film cuts to show a group of Scouts in uniform marching across a small bridge.

General views showing crates being unloads from a ship onto the a quayside. Wooden planks are unloaded by crane into railway wagons. General view of the Scouts watching the dockside activities.

 The film cuts to show a lifeboat being lowered from the passenger liner into the King George V dock at Southampton. Three boys pose for a photograph in front of the bow of the RMS Queen Mary.

The film cuts to a pebbly beach where a number of the boys and men are seen dry and dress themselves. One of the boys attempts to pull down the towel covering one of the men. The group smile and laugh.

At camp two boys are seen cooking sausages and possibly Spam over a camp fire. Tomatoes are added. The film ends with the food being served up onto plates.