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NEFA 20981



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An amateur film made by members of the Guisborough Grammar School Scout Troop of a camping trip to Auchencairn in Scotland.

The film opens on a panoramic view of the camp site and surrounding countryside.

The film cuts to a field beside a hill where the troop are seen taking part in various races. The first race featured shows a line of boys getting dressed as quickly as possible. This is followed by a three boy piggy-back race where two boys face each other with a blanket over them and a third boy sitting on the back of one of the boys leading them around the field. The next race shows a line of boys holding lit candles. They use their hands to cover the flame as they race around the field. The film cuts to show a number of boys using a pole to vault as far as they can across the field watched by the troop. The final race shown is an obstacle race with boys climbing over or under various obstacles.

The film cuts to show a stone wall from behind which a number of men and women appear crawling along the ground. There is a general view of them standing together chatting. The film ends showing the group climbing.