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NEFA 20561



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This film shows some of the events marking the 400th anniversary of Guisborough Grammar School (now Prior Pursglove College), 25 June 1961.

Opening shot shows the Royal Charter document given to the school by Elizabeth !st in 1561. The document has attached to it a royal seal.

Inside a classroom other documents and pictures have been put on display. Two of the masters and a woman are looking over the exhibits.

Outside we see the Alfred Waterhouse designed school buildings with a car parked near an archway. Other school buildings are shown and then a parade of schoolboys and masters cross the school grounds and make their way into the street. They walk to Guisborough Priory entrance and then assemble in the grounds just in front of the remaining arched window. The Bishop of Whitby and other clergy follow on.

The service which follows is led by the Bishop. Boys, parents and staff who are sitting on chairs in front of the main window. They stand to sing hymns led by the bishop. The film ends with the bishop giving the assembly a blessing and the film closes with a long shot of the assembly and the priory.