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YFA 5232



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This is a promotional film made by Brooke Motors on the production of their range of new small motors, named Gryphons.  These motors are used in industrial, commercial, and domestic appliances, such as washing machines.  The film was made at their Huddersfield factory.

The film begins with a series of short clips:  a man at a lathe, dough being put into a machine for making bread, a woman at a washing machine with a mangle, a car being electronically hoisted up, and a sweet wrapping machine.

Title – Brook Motors present: Gryphons Galore
Commentary by Frank Phillips, Sound recording by United Motion Pictures Limited.
Produced by the Brook Film Unit.

The film shows in detail the production of fractional horse motors.  The commentary explains that the film shows dismantled engines and traces their manufacture in the works.  Each part is shown in turn, and each detail of the production process is shown and explained in detail.  Each part is made using especially designed machine tools.  Some components are made by women working at benches.  The finished engines are then all individually tested.  Finally they are boxed up for transportation.  The several different types of finished engines are shown, explaining what their particular use is.

End credits listing businesses that had helped.
Produced by Brook Motors Huddersfield.