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NEFA 20935



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A student film made as part of a project for the School of Education at Bede College containing various views around Durham City. The film includes views of well-known locations such as Durham Cathedral and Castle as well as less well known localities such as the Durham Indoor Market and ‘Dragonville Industrial Estate’.

 Title: The Growth of Durham.

The film begins with a steam train travelling across the railway viaduct towards Durham Railway Station. Durham Cathedral and castle can be seen in the background.

The film cuts to a photograph showing Durham City taken from the air showing the Cathedral and Castle on the peninsular surrounded by the River Wear.

General views of Durham Cathedral as seen from the banks of the River Wear and then from a cobbled alleyway.

General view of the exterior of the cathedral nave, sanctuary knocker and Durham Light Infantry stone cross beside the cathedral entrance.

General view of Durham Castle seen from a distance.

General view of Durham Castle keep from Palace Green.

A hooded person walks down a cobbled street, possibly The Bailey.

A flag flies from Durham Castle keep.

General view of Framwellgate Bridge filmed from a small alleyway leading down towards the River Wear.

From the banks of the River Wear a view of the Old Fulling Mill and Durham Castle on the hillside above.

General view of Durham Castle as seen from the river near to Framwellgate Bridge.

The film changes to a drawing showing the size of Durham in 1650.

The film cuts to a pen and ink drawing of Durham City in a large book.

General view of the Georgian houses along New Elvet. A close up on the front door of one of the houses. Stone steps lead up to the door and gas lamps hang on each side. There is a close up on one of the gas lamps.

General view of Prebend Bridge as seen through shrubbery.

The film cuts to another drawing of Durham dated 1800 showing the expansion of the city.

General view of the railway viaduct with Durham Cathedral in the background.

Overhead view of Durham Railway Station showing a southbound train coming into the station. General view of the road leading under the railway line.

A painted stone profile of Queen Victoria is embedded in the wall of a terraced house along May Street.

The railway viaduct can be seen at the far end of another terraced street. Smoke comes from many of the chimneys.

General view of the exterior of a Georgian building.

From an elevated position a view of Durham including the spire of St Nicholas Church and a factory chimney.

Another drawing showing the growth of Durham dated 1900.

The film cuts to a field. The camera pans left to show a street of newly completed council housing.

From an alleyway between two of the houses can be seen views of gardens. Washing hangs from a line beside two garden sheds.

The film cuts to a view of the exterior of the Majestic Bingo Hall on Front Street. From outside the bingo hall a man is seen running across the road in the rain.

General view of a piece of flooded waste ground.

A road sign reads: ‘Dragonville Industrial Estate’.

A number of cars are parked along the road besides a factory building.

The film cuts to a man painting the door of a factory unit. In the background other men work on the construction of the factory.

General views of signs about a number of factory buildings that read: ‘Mono Containers Ltd’ and ‘J.E.S. Bickley Ltd – Bickler Works’.

A ‘Durham Carpets’ delivery van drives through a set of gates into a works yard. By the gate is a sign that reads: ‘Hugh Mackay & Co. Ltd Drangonville Factory. Head Office Factory and Showroom Durham City’.

General view of a factory with a glass roof.

A Methodist church sign can be partially seen hanging beside the entrance.

General views of ‘Richmond Sausage’ vans and lorries parked beside a factory unit.

Next, the film looks at shopping areas of Durham.  The Woolworths department store is busy with shoppers browsing cosmetics and other sections of the store. A few Christmas decorations are hanging from the ceiling.

The film cuts back outside and shows the exterior of the Woolworths department store on Silver Street. People come in and out of the store while other pedestrians walk along or cross the road.

Two women stand talking beside a flower stall.

The film cuts to a doorway of a building where a man sells balloons on a stick.

Back inside Durham Indoor Market a woman cuts a section of cloth from a ream. A female customer pays for her good while others stand around looking at the various reams on offer.  

General views of people walking around the Durham Indoor Market.

Outside in Durham Market Place a man buys grapes from a fruit stall.

Standing on the steps of the statue of the Marquess of Londonderry a man speaks to a small crowd listening to him.

General view of Durham Market Place showing various market stalls and the Durham Police traffic control kiosk on the junction of Silver Street, Sadler Street and Claypath.

A queue of traffic waits on Framwellgate Bridge to travel along Silver Street towards Durham Market Place. Pedestrians can also be seen walking across the bridge in both directions. The number 46 bus to Newcastle leads traffic along Silver Street towards Franwellgate Bridge.

General view of the police traffic kiosk in the Market Place.

The film cuts to a lorry turning of a roundabout onto a duel carriageway. A sign pointing in the direction the lorry is travelling reads: ‘A1 Darlington. The South’.

At a second roundabout traffic turns of onto another section of duel carriageway with a sign pointing in the direction of travel that reads: ‘A1 Newcastle”.

The film cuts to show general views of the partially completed Durham County Hall building at Aykley Heads.

The film cuts to a small stone archway leading towards a cobbled street.

A group of students stand outside Durham University Palace Green Library.

General views around Palace Green show the library, The Music School and Abbey House.

A man unloads a crate from the back of a flat-bed lorry.

General views along Sadler Street towards Durham Market Place.

The film cuts to show three terraced houses built on a hill.

General view of Durham Cathedral seen from a hillside beside a modern apartment block.

Three men walk along a pathway leading to a modern apartment block. The city can be seen in the distance.

Another man walks through a set of metal gates leading towards a large modern building. A sign on the gates reads: ‘Science Laboratories. University of Durham’.

General view a grassy area in front of a large modern building.

The film ends on a view of the misty Durham skyline with the cathedral at the centre.