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NEFA 20991



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An amateur film made by Thomas Lawson of the Green-Maughan wedding taking place at St Paul's Church in Jarrow on the 6th June 1959. The film begins with a man, believed to be the filmmaker, walking around the churchyard. Another younger man is seen walking around St Paul’s Monastery as well as the churchyard. The groom, guest and bride are seen arriving and going into the church followed by them posing for photographs in the churchyard. The film ends with the newly married couple being driven away and arriving at a terraced house. The film ends with the couple being driven away again.

The film begins with a man walking through churchyard of St Paul’s in Jarrow.

Title: T. Lawson presents

A long shot showing St Paul’s church at Jarrow in the distance with scaffolding around the tower. Four children on bicycles pedal past.

Title: The Green-Maughan Wedding

A second younger man walks around the ruins of St Paul’s Monastery and the churchyard of the church. He stands in front of it and looks up at the wooden church sign.

Title: 6th June 1959

The groom, best man and two other young men arrive at the church, walk along the footpath and go into the church. General views of guests arriving and heading into the church. Three bridesmaids arrive in pale blue dresses and go inside the church. The bride arrives in white and is escorted towards the church by her father. She poses for the camera on the church steps.

The man seen at the beginning of the film continues to walk around around the churchyard.

The film cuts to show the married couple coming out of the church arm-in-arm. They pose for photographs on their own and with family and guests beside the church. A large crowds surrounds them watching on. They get into a car and are driven away.

Outside a house in a terraced street the bride gets out of the car and heads inside. The film quickly cuts to show the bride and groom now in casual clothing coming out of the house with another woman. The film ends with the couple being driven away by car.

Title: The end

Note: On 6th June 1959 sweethearts Henry Maughan and Peggy Green are married at the Parish Church of Saint Paul in Jarrow. Their wedding is captured by keen cine enthusiast Thomas Lawson who was a cinema musician in Derby in the late 1920s, and later a dance hall and concert pianist on Tyneside. The filmmaker makes brief cameo appearances, whilst the young man sporting a rocker’s DA haircut, seen around the old monastery ruins, may have helped to document the wedding.