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This is the second part film that documents the training of new recruits to the Green Howards. The training took place over several months in 1940 at the Richmond Barracks in North Yorkshire. The film was made by Col. Sir William Arthington Worsley of Hovingham, 4th Baronet. He was also a cricketer who captained Yorkshire County Cricket Club in 1928 and 1929 and captured cricket events on film as well as life and events in and around Hovingham village.

Title-Other things that happened in the ITC- an inspection by Brigadier Gordon

Many high ranking army officers stand in a group together talking. They inspect the recruits who stand in neat lines, and periodically, the officers stand and talk to the men.

Title-These relaxations are rare but Friday comes every week.

A long queue of recruits stand outside of a building.

Title-After two months with their company selected men go to the specialist company for training.

The soldiers march into a courtyard.

Title-As signallers

The men learn to signal with flags.

Title-As carrier drivers

They get into small tanks.

Title-As M.T personnel

The men clean cars.

Title-Sometimes accidents occur

A car drives along a field and ends up in a ditch. Outside the camp at Richmond there is an aerial view showing a large number of soldiers standing to attention ready for inspection.

Title-Green Howards Home Guards

Title-The Gilling Battalion inspected by the army commander in the castle grounds.

Back at ground level, the officers inspect the men making sure they are all following the orders given.

Title-The band at the Richmond War Weapons Week

In the centre of town, a regimental brass band leads some officers on a march through the town as part of the War Weapons Week activities.

Title-An experiment in co-education, training the A.T.S. The first intake arrives.

Back at the barracks, some newly recruited ATS stand in lines. They wear civilian clothes and carry suitcases. They will stay at the barracks alongside the men and go through a training process. The film then cuts to show the women in military uniform who march across the barrack square. Later they are inspected by HRH Princess Royal who has come to the barracks and is dressed in military uniform. She walks up and down with some other female officers as the women stand to attention.


A male marching band goes by.

Title-The birth of no.5 I.T.C.

Title-The arrival of the east Yorkshire contingent at Richmond.

In Richmond, the men stand 'at ease' smoking.

Title-Scarborough Cadets.

Title-The Whitby Cadets

Title-The Gainsborough Cadets

The film closes with some young boy cadets from both Scarborough and Whitby on camp training. They swim in a river, camp, and are shown how to fire rifles.