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This is a film that documents the training of new recruits to the Green Howards.  The training took place over several months in 1940 at the Richmond Barracks in North Yorkshire. 

Title – 1940
Fighting Soldiers in the making
A tribute to recruits who joined the ITC of the Green Howard’s during the year 1940
From the North East coast and the Industrial Area of Yorkshire the new “Intake” arrives

The film opens with a long line of men waiting to be issued with army kit.  They are watched over by a Sergeant.

Title – Their first march across the square

The new recruits, wearing their civilian clothes, march across the training ground.

Title – And here they await their turn to go before the M.O.

Again the men form a queue and post for the camera. 

Title – Coming for the beauty contest

Two men, carrying small cases, come out of a building.

Title – And then on to the ‘Mob’ store

The men are issued rucksacks, rifles, and hats.

Title – Then by bus to Waitworth – where they learn to be Green Howards

The men are aboard a bus waiting to depart, and upon their arrival, the men, all dressed in uniform, sit on the training ground.  

Title – The first day’s parade

The men line up at arm’s length.

Title – The four cardinal elements of soldiering are: - (1) DRILL.  The foundation of all discipline

The men practice marching and presenting arms.

Title – To the front – salute

A sergeant shouts orders, and the men stop marching and salute.  More drills follow.

Title – Progress

The recruits march with rifles.

Title – The final touch

The men lock and unlock the safety catch on their rifles before marching backwards.  The men are watched over by the officers and continue to march off.

Title – As a sentry

The men perform various types of training drills.
Title – (2) THE RIFLE. Still the prime individual weapon

The men practice shooting on a rifle range.

Title – What are the three rules of aiming?

The men line up their rifles on tripods and load the guns whilst lying on the ground.  They take aim at someone running up and down in the distance.

Title – Putting it into practice

The men practice shooting whist lying on the ground.

Title – (3) The L.M.G., with its simplicity and power

The men are shown a light machine gun.

Title – How’s that for an aim?

One man squats down behind a L.M.G. and takes aim.

Title – Not to mention PT which makes you put in weight and muscle daily

Physical training exercises follow.  The men stand in neat rows, and an officer trainer takes them through various exercises such as star jumps. 

Title – Gosh, it’s hot

The men play a game of basketball, and many of them are not wearing their shirts whilst playing the game. 

Title – Besides these very important things, Bayonet training gives courage and dash

Using dummies, the men practice the most effective way to fight with their bayonet.  

Title – Once after only one month’s training, No. 4 Company had the honour to provide the Guard of Honour for H.R.H  The Princess Royal when she came to Catterick

The men line up for an inspection by the Princess Royal.

Title – We take our sports seriously!  300 men of the Company start for the voluntary (?) cross country run

The men start the cross country run.

Title – A little quiet betting by the Squad commanders?  They ought to be here in a moment now!

A group of officers are having a joke.

Title – And here they come

Once the runners arrive at the finish line, they collect tokens.
Title – And so the months pass on all too quickly, livened sometimes by such relaxations as an Inspection by the Area Commander

The men march past the Commander.

Title – After three months, the inevitable day came – and to the sorrow of the Company Staff, the Recruits, now first class soldiers, leave us for their Battalions

The newly appointed Green Howards now march in perfect formation.


The men, in full uniform and with their equipment, get ready to leave.  Before doing so, they must pass inspection.  Finally, led by a brass band, the Green Howards march off.  The sergeant who watched them arrive now watches them leave.  The film closes with a shot of the Regiment badge.