Film ID:
YFA 4901



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This is a film of the Green family on holiday in Saltburn, staying at the Christian Endeavour holiday accommodation.  

The film begins with a girl – either Moyra or Shirley - in school uniform on a station platform as a steam train arrives.  The sign for Saltburn Station is shown.  We then see a castle ruin and a view down onto a suspension bridge carrying cars.  A woman and a girl stand by the coast looking out to sea.  There is a sign for ‘Beechwood Court, Christian Endeavour’.  Inside people are sat around drinking tea, and then sat outside posing for the camera.  Two teenage girls hold a camera, pointing towards the cine camera that is filming them.  The guests are shown leaving Beechwood Court and then a group of boys and girls are huddled together.  The group have stopped for a break whilst out for a walk in the countryside.  A group of the walkers are shown from a distance walking along a path through the rocks.  Again they stop and pose for the camera, Moyra in her school uniform.  They are next seen down on a beach, where they lark about and some paddle in the sea.  They then board a couple of boats and head out to sea before being seen back on the beach.  They sit for a large group pose for the camera.  The film finishes showing a man and a woman on a country path.