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The Green Cross Code is an accident prevention film produced by C.H. Wood and provides instructions for pedestrians on the proper way to cross the street.

Title - The West Riding of Yorkshire Accident Prevention Federation, RoS.P.A., 6 Park Square, Leeds, LS1 2LU.
Produced by C. H. Wood (Bradford) Ltd., Kings Mill, Silver Royd Hill, Leeds, LS12 4QJ

White Yorkshire Rose symbol fades in and out, replaced by a poster for 'The Green Cross Code' tilted slightly at an angle.

A man stands in front of a wall covered in wallpaper with a diamond pattern. He is dressed in a suit and tie and the subtitles identify him as Geoffrey Wheeler. The commentary states, 'There's so much more traffic on our roads nowadays than ever before, that crossing the road is far more dangerous for all of us. But it's especially more dangerous for children. Why? Well look at this-'

A chart headed 'Population Level' appears, on the horizontal axis stand cartoon drawings of a woman and a child. Along the vertical axis for lines are drawn, lablled '1/4, /1/2 ,3/4 and population level'. The woman reaches up to the top line, the child to the '1/4' line.

Voice Over: '-only a quarter of the people in this country are children, and yet almost half of all the pedestrians who are killed or badly hurt on our roads are children'

The chart changes to 'Pedestrian casualties' and the child is replaced by another, with a cast on his leg, a sling on his arm, and a bandage around his head. He is now tall enough to reach the '1/2' line.

The scene changes back to the talking head stating, "The main problem for child pedestrians is crossing the road. 9/10 of those who are killed or hurt are killed or hurt when crossing the road. So to help them a new and improved way of crossing the road safely has been brought out. It's called The Green Cross Code." The man holds up pamphlet.

'And this is what the code says-'
The rules of the code appear on screen, as they are read out.
1. First find a safe place to cross, then stop
2. Stand on the pavement near the kerb
3. Look all round for traffic and listen
4. If traffic is coming, let it pass. Look all round again
5. When there is no traffic near, walk straight across the road
6. Keep looking and listening for traffic while you cross
'Now let's see how the code works'

There is a street lined with houses, and cars are parked by the pavement. A boy walks down the street and passes behind the cars, looking for somewhere to cross.

1. 'First find a safe place to cross, then stop. When you want to cross, find a place where you can see, clearly, along the road in all directions. Don't try to cross between parked cars. Keep moving along until you come to a clear space where you can see the traffic and where drivers can see you. Then stop. '

2. 'Stand on the pavement near the kerb. Don't stand too near the edge of the pavement. Stop a little way back from the kerb where you'll be away from traffic but you can still see if anything is coming.'

There is a shot of boy's feet at the edge of the kerb. As the voiceover continues the rest of the boy comes into shot. He looks down and up the road.

3. 'Look all round for traffic and listen. Traffic may be coming from any direction so take care to look along every road- and listen too, because you can sometimes hear traffic before you can see it.'

There is a shot of the road stretching into the distance, and the boy stood on the kerb, looking towards a van on the road. The van passes, and the boy looks in the other direction, towards a VW Beatle.

4. 'If traffic is coming, let it pass. Look all round again. If there's any traffic near, let it go passed. If there's something in the distance, don't cross until you're certain there's plenty of time. Remember, even if traffic is a long way off it may be coming very fast so let it go passed. Then, look round again, and listen to make sure no other traffic is coming.'

There is a shot from behind the boy, of the back of his head as he looks again both ways. As he does so, the road becomes clear.

5. 'When there is no traffic near, walk straight across the road. Remember, don't run. Walk'

Shot from behind the boy as he crosses the empty street to the other side.

6. 'Keep looking and listening for traffic while you cross. When you're in the road keep looking and listening in case other traffic reappears.'

Geoffrey Wheeler appears again and states, 'So that's how the code works. And now let's look more closely at the beginning. First, find a safe place to cross. If you can, it's safer to cross at a footbridge, a subway, a zebra crossing, a pelican crossing,, traffic lights, or where there's a policeman, a lollypop man, or a traffic warden. If you can't find one of these safer crossing places look for a clear place, but don't try to cross between parked cars. And always use the Green Cross Code.'

A woman and young girl stand at the side of a road, in front of houses, looking both ways before crossing the road.

The commentary states, 'The Green Cross Code is for everyone, but it's especially valuable to children. Good parents make sure their children understand the code and act on it always. Wise children practice the code, remember, and cross the road safely. '

There is a Green Cross Code poster, showing a boy with a football stopping a girl from running out into the road. A bird says 'Always stop at the kerb' and the poster's tagline reads 'Ask your Mum about the Green Cross code'

Produced by C. H. Wood (Bradford) Ltd. For the West Riding of Yorkshire Accident Prevention Federation.