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YFA 4727



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This film is part of the Nowell collection and captures scenes from the Great Yorkshire Shows in Harrogate in 1956 and 1957. There are shots of Sir William Prince Smith, 3rd Baronet of Hillbrook, presenting medals, the Princess Royal meeting the organisers of the show, as well as shots of the Canadian Mounties and Royal Artillery performing formations on their horses.

The film opens with Sir William Prince Smith standing on a veranda of a building and handing medals out to some men; he shakes their hands and talks briefly to them. The Lord Mayor and his wife are on the veranda beside him. One of the men talks to Sir William while looking at his medal and then all the men pose for a photograph on the steps of the building.

There is a long sequence of shots showing the mounted metropolitan police doing a variety of skilful moves, formations and charges on their horses. This is followed by a brief shot of an African man holding a sports jacket up to the camera.

The Princess Royal walks up the path to one of the chalet buildings on the show grounds. A woman greets her and curtseys and then she is greeted by another man. Following this are shots of a sign for `Flower Show', the large, white marquees set up for the show, and the hundreds of men, women and children who are wandering around and sitting on benches.

A large team of Canadian Mounties ride out onto the show grounds and proceed to move the horses in a skilled formation, followed by some flag twirling.

The Royal Artillery also carries out some complicated formations on horseback but they also have some men marching and some of the horses pulling small gun carts.

There is a sign which reads `Hogmuddle All-Purpose Rotary Niggler and Fidgetter, powered entirely by a Petter, twin cylinder air cooled Petter engine'.

An animated scene with figurine characters, pedals and flaps the wing pieces.

Some people go into an exhibition called `The Barley Mow' and this is followed by shots of a man shaving lumps of wood with the use of a machine. There is a tent with a glass box full of chicks and then a model of a chicken to one side of it. A model pig leans on a gate and two small girls pet it.

A group of Nigerian Chiefs in traditional dress walk along and smile at the camera.

Notes written on the box:

1) Sir Wm. Prince-Smith presenting Medals 1956

2) Metropolitan Police 1956

3) Princess Royal arriving 1957

4) Flower Show Entrance

5) Canadian Mounties

6) Royal Artillery

7) Feather Bed Farmer

8) Barley Mow

9) Forestry Section

10) Nigerian Chiefs