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YFA 4467



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.Made by members of the Harrogate Cine Club, this film documents the events which took place during the Great Yorkshire Show. The film includes footage of much of the livestock which is entered into competitions during this annual agricultural show.

An intertitle reads: "The Great Yorkshire Show"
"The show now having its permanent site at Harrogate is regarded as the finest of its type in the country".

There is a road sign, giving directions to attractions such as: "Bars, refreshments, pigeons, wool, WVS children's day nursery, cattle, vet yard, milking, horses, main ring, machinery". The list goes on, but the not all the text is visible in the shot.

The fair is busy and has many different stalls. One has gold hands, which hold and display products, revolving. One has a sign advertising "trucks" and "commercial vehicles". A little girl sits on a red tractor and pretends to drive it.

There are cows in a field, all with numbers round their necks. The camera sees 470, 363 and 374. They are paraded round a pen. In another pen, a horse and foal stand next to each other.

A temporary building has the sign: "Women's Voluntary Services Children's Day Nursery". On a building behind, the Union Jack flies from the roof. At the nursery, children play. One little girl is shown on a swing. Outside the nursery, people lie on the grass and relax.

A building is shown with the sign "Yorkshire Farmers Ltd.". Some black men wearing robes and headscarves (probably of African origin) stand in rows in a field. They are presumably special guests to the event. A man and woman walk down the line shaking hands with the men.

There is a line of caravans and temporary buildings representing banks. One is the "Yorkshire Penny Bank". A boy wearing a cap, with a camera round his neck, points at something off screen. An older couple follow him. Another caravan is for "Lloyds Banks", others: "Martins Bank Ltd," and "Barclays Bank Ltd".

There are large warehouses ordered A, B, C, D, etcetera. The first has a door marked "Beef Shorthorn".

A building has the sign "The British Friesian Cattle Society - The Yorkshire Friesian Breeders". Men wash a cow with soapy water and sponges. They are in what looks like a big warehouse, with hay put on the ground so that it is like a barn.

There are stables with horses. One woman strokes one on the nose. Another holds a child up to see.

Hunters are with fox hounds. The hungers teach the animals tricks and feed them treats on a field.

In a pen, there are black pigs being directed around by men in white coats. There are then pink pigs. Also being judged are sheep, some of which have rosettes attached to their wool.

The camera then shows a stadium. There are appears to be a lot of spectators. Cows are paraded up the pitch, and then there is an event with horses. A military regiment come on and perform, and then finally, there is some show jumping.

Intertitle: "Should you have been unfortunate in not having visited the show, you will be well rewarded for attending the next one"
"At Harrogate, the second week in July".