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YFA 1972



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The Great Yorkshire Show is the North’s leading agricultural event which takes place annually in July at the Harrogate Showground.  Made by Nancliff Films, this film documents the 100th Great Yorkshire Show, featuring the entire event from the preparations to the final cleaning of the grounds. 

It includes scenes of many of the exhibitions and events including a special visit by Queen Elizabeth.

Title and credits – Nancliff Films Presents Great Yorkshire Show Harrogate 9th, 10th & 11th July 1957
Produced by C C B Guest

The film begins with an empty stadium set out for horse jumping.  The showground is being prepared:  marquees are set up, fences fixed, flowers watered, tractors put on display, and lorries arrive bringing sheep, cattle, and pigs.  Baby goats in a pen are being fed from milk bottles, and animals are washed.  There is a parade of police on horseback, cars arrive via Wetherby road and park, and people approach one of the entrances.  The Mayor’s Parlour is bedecked in flowers.

There are various company stands such as Chambers and Fargus, and there are also signs on litter.  Many people walk around the stables, and there are more crowded avenues with company buildings.  Men trim and saw logs next to a woodland exhibition.  Additionally, there is a parade of pigs and a competition of different breeds of bulls.  Bustling crowds make their way through the sheds where the dairy cows are kept, and there is a demonstration of milking machines. 

Following a brief shot of the dining room, there is extensive footage of the Flower Show including close-ups of some of the exhibits as well as an inter-flora flower sculpture.  Some of those who have turned out at the event walk around carrying plants and flowers which they’ve purchased.  There is also an outdoor café where tea is served.

Two naval ratings raise the royal standard as the Queen arrives.  There is then a parade of cart horses and foals, followed by horse and traps.  A foxhound competition is judged, and after which, there is a competition of various sheep breeds. 

The film then shows some of the many company stands and demonstrations including artillery pieces, a large model train and agricultural equipment.  Following a brief shot of the John Smith's beer tent, there is another foxhound competition featuring a different breed of fox from the previous competition.
Queen Elizabeth arrives at the main stadium to watch a bull competition.  There is a long parade of bulls, cows and horses before the Queen and Prince Philip walk into the arena to meet the Canadian Mounted Police.  They continue to talk and walk around the perimeter where the crowds rush to see the Royal couple.  The Canadian Mounted Police give a demonstration of synchronised riding which is followed by an artillery display and fire salute with cannons.  The Mounties come back briefly before hunters ride around on horse back accompanied by their hounds.  Finally, there is a horse jumping competition, and the Queen presents a cup to the winners. 

The film ends with the grounds empty, and a clean up operation is underway to clear up all the litter.  The stands are dismantled, and the gates are closed signalling the end of this year’s show. 

The End