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YFA 2394



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This film was made by an amateur filmmaker who was a farmer from Reighton, near Filey, North Yorkshire. This film includes footage taken from the Great Yorkshire Show, the famous agricultural show held annually in Harrogate.

The film opens shots of the family outside their house, getting ready to go to the show. They chat near the cars parked in the driveway before making their way to the show.

Next, the action cuts to scenes of the venue where close ups are taken of a prize bull on parade. Its owner leads the bull around the small show circle for the spectators to see. They are seated on chairs at the edge of the circle. Different stalls can be seen in the background. This is followed by shots of the family enjoying themselves at the show as well as a shot of the observation tower. Horses are then taken around the show circle, and the little girls pet the horses when they're back in their stalls. Later, there is a larger horse parade in the main arena.

A brass band is playing in a gazebo. They wear red jackets, and the conductor can also be seen. This is followed by a shot of Bradshaw and Sons Ltd. Driffield stall. People stand outside and wait to enter. Elsewhere, there are many tractors and other types of farm equipment on display, and many people can be seen examining the machines. There is a wooden kart filled with vegetables on display as well as ceramic figurines of cows and other animals to be used as garden accessories. This is followed by a brief shot of a cooking demonstration before more footage of those in attendance making their way around the various stalls.

Next, military personnel get ready for a horse parade. They make sure the horses are ready to go, and there are also members on foot who get into formation. The footage is taken from the staging area behind the main area, and the soldiers can be seen making their way into the show area.

Following this is a horse show jumping event which is held in the main arena. Crowds fill the stands, and many different riders can be seen. The film closes as visitors make their way back to the cars in the car park.