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YFA 3200



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This film documents the celebrations at the Newland Estate for the Queen Mum's birthday (although the Queen Mum does not make an appearance.)

Title - The Sailors' Children's Society The Great Birthday Party 1990
There is a woman dressed as a clown who is dancing with the children outside at the estate. Many of the children are doing different dances according to the different songs which are being played. Children in wheelchairs are also out and gathered together moving to the music. The dance portion of the day ends with the clown leading the children in a Conga line.
There are more children playing on different bits of playground equipment around the estate including a large circular swing, slide, jungle gym, and two small boats.
A tug of war game is played by a large group of children which begins with a man which a portable microphone counting down to the start.
A band is set up on the grass, made up of mostly adults, playing jazz music while the children eat their lunch on the grass. Most of the children are in the red SCS sweatshirts.
There is a moonwalk set up called the Space Bouncer for which all the children have to remove their shoes before getting on. The children jump around on the moonwalk, some even doing flips.
Another entertainment portion of the day begins as a lady gets the children to cheer for the beginning of the puppet show. The majority of the puppet show is recorded.
Title - It's a Knockout
The competition part of the day continues with many races, some on foot, others obstacle, relay, scooter, and bouncy ball races. At the end of the competition, involving children from the SCS as well as other primary schools in the area, the Lord Mayor gives out the awards to the day's winners.
The film then closes with a picture of the Society seal.