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YFA 544



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Part of the Pashley Collection, this film documents the construction of the Holly Garth retirement facilities in Great Ayton, North Yorkshire.

Title - Building Holly Garth
Title - The Model

The film opens with a shot of the model plans for the new retirement home.

Title - Holly Garth Oct 1966

Workmen use shovels to hand dig the foundations of the building. There is cement mixer at the side of the construction site, and some men use wheelbarrows to transport materials. The next phase of construction requires brick walls to be laid. Some men work on building the walls while others measure and cut planks of wood for the window and door frames. By winter, most of the exterior structure has been built. The construction site is dusted with snow. This is followed by extensive footage of the construction including building brick walls, roofing, laying tiles, fitting widows, surveying the site, stonework, etc. The buildings are at least two stories high. The exterior of the building has been completed, and part of the interior needs work. Men plaster the walls and lay the concrete flooring.

There is a shot of the finished building, and following completion, and official opening ceremony takes place. At a large reception, a man unveils a dedication plaque at the front of the room. This is followed by shots of the audience who are in attendance. The filmmaker also highlights the scenic views of the surrounding countryside from the newly built rooms. The film closes with more footage of the reception.