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YFA 6315



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This amateur film shows the Graythorp shipbuilding yard near Hartlepool.

Title: Graythorp - Two Sails Away

A brief view shows a harbour with many small boats. 

Title: Graythorp - Two Sails Away

The harbour view shows small boats of various types anchored in position across the breadth of the harbour.

The film cuts to a view down a street looking out to sea. In the distance part of an oil platform is floated out to sea.  A number of cars are parked on the road facing the sea, including Volkswagen Beetle, Hillman Avenger and an Austin A40.

The camera pans across the sea, again picking out the section of oil platform being taken out to sea. The camera stops at a commemorative tablet which marks the occasion when the first shell from a German battle cruiser struck Hartlepool in December 1914. It also records the place when the first soldier was killed on British soil by enemy action in the Great War.

Two people are standing next to the fence looking out to sea, towards the oil platform section.
Brief shot of Heugh lighthouse and battery followed by footage of St Hilda's church from a nearby street.

Next some brief views of the sea from South Crescent and the Heugh breakwater, which ends the film.